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by San carlos mission to the world assembly. . 8 reads.

Vote AGAINST Condemn Ravana

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Resolution at Vote: Condemn Ravana
Vote Recommendation: Against


Despite recent, negative foreign affairs interactions with ravana; today's resolution must be voted against as the condemnation is not in good taste.

The authors of this Resolution reigning from the region of Lasagna simply want to condemn Ravana because they responded in a sour way towards a proposed merger between the two regions and unleashed "propaganda" against Lasagna. This lead to a raiding war between the two regions and then a peace negotiation that made matters worse.

As the negative reaction to the proposed merger and the raid was not out of the ordinary; it's clear to see this resolution is a childish way to get back at ravana.

For the above reasons, I urge a vote Against this proposal.

San carlos mission to the world assembly