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Vote AGAINST Peaceful First Contact

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Resolution at Vote: Peaceful First Contact
Vote Recommendation: Against


First, vote against this resolution because it is an extreme infringement on the national sovereignty. Voting for today's resolution would bar WA member nations from attacking individuals or groups of individuals who disregard national borders. Not only does this handcuff nations from performing their most basic function, defending it's borders; it will lead to the neoliberal wet dream that is open borders worldwide.

This resolution most certainly will end in uncontrolled mass immigration across the word, leading to; unemployment, conflict, crime, and cultural atrophy.

At the end of the day this resolution is poorly written and probably rushed to a vote because the author wanted a shiny badge as quick as possible and infringes on national sovereignty, thus it must be stopped.

For the above reasons, the ministry urges a vote Against this proposal.

San carlos mission to the world assembly