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Nivanian Government | Flag


  • The Nivanian Tricolour

  • Designed: 30 January 1871

  • Proportion: 1 : 2

  • Adopted: 2 October 1871

  • State, War and Civil Ensign

  • Designed by: Dr. Yoannes Stessel

The Nivanian Tricolour is Designed in 1871 by Dr. Yoannes Stessel and is first used by the Nivanian National Movement (NNM) in the Nivanian Revolution of October 1871 - September 1872 against the Monarchy. The Flag is Declared as the State flag after the Tsar Nivoas III Abdicated and the Monarchist Surrendered after the Republican Forces entered Koroshk, The Capital. After the Nivanian People's Republic is successfully established, 30 January become flag day.

Meaning of Flag

Red: Bravery & The Revolution.
Blue: Cultural Diversity.
White: Symbolises Hope & Peace and Hope for Peace..