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The Life of Sandre Maint. (Super Duper WIP)

Sandre Maint: 41st President

41st President of Santa Selena

Sandre Maint

Sandre Maint during an interview in 2016,
running for Vice President.

President of Santa Selena

-Title: President
-Presidency: 10th June 2020 - Icumbent
-Inauguration: 15th June 2020
-Predecessor: Tom Decian
-Successor: -

Vice President of Santa Selena

-Title: Vice President
-Presidency: 11th June 2016 - June 9th 2018
-Inauguration: 14th June 2016
-Predecessor: Sasha Mynik
-Successor: Zoe May

-Born: 21st August 1980
-Place of Birth: Molly Hospital, Azubelzk.
-Residence: Brandy Selenan Mansion
-Full Name: Sandre Montreuz Maint Sr.
-Age: 39
Net Worth:~$110,000,000
-Wife/ First Lady: Mary Maint (Marriage: April 9th 2007)

Father: Montreuz Maint (Age: 72)
Mother: Sully Maint (Age: 68)
  • Brother:Samury Maint (Age: 43)

  • Brother:Montreuz Jr. Maint (Age:34)

  • Sister:Lovely Maint (Age:35)


  • Son:Sandre Maint Jr. (Age: 12)

  • Daughter:Lily Maint (Age: 6)

Pet:Claus (Mutt, Age: 3)

-Orthodox Christianity (1980-1999)
-Atheism (1999-)

-Valley Bull Elementary/Middle School (1984-1992)
(Valedictorian: 7th Grade)

-Koiláda High School (1993-1996)
(Valedictorian: 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade. Skipped 9th Grade.)

-Samton University (1996-2003)
(Bachelor's: Politics. Master's: Statistics. PH.D: Psychology)


Sandre Montreuz Maint Sr. is the 41st and current president of Santa Selena, at age 39. He was elected Vice President of Santa Selena from 2016-2018, and then became president on June 10th 2020, becoming the current president of Santa Selena.

Being born in 1980, he was raised along with his brothers, Samury Maint and Montreuz Jr. Maint, and her sister, Lovely Maint. Sandre Maint was raised in Azubelzk, being taught at Valley Bull Academy, before moving to Uzbelzk, where he was valedictorian at Koiláda High School. He loved chess, and soon played competitively.

After gaining a PH.D in Psychology, a Master's degree in Statistics, and a Bachelor's in Politics, he soon left college to start a career. He soon applied for a psychologist permit, and soon worked at Sunshine Coast Psychiatry, earning around 110K yearly. However, the business crashed in the 2008 recession, making him unemployed.

After being angry of how this could've happened, Sandre Maint soon got into politics, being part of the Democratic Unison. He soon tried to be Vice President, and in 2016, was voted as such. However, he tried to campaign for the disarming of Santa Selena's nukes and pushed for reducing climate change, Tom Decian refused. So in 2018, Sandre Maint decided to run for president, and then again in 2020, and finally became president after Tom Decian destroyed the Selenan Civil Party in the UnCivil Acts.

Sandre Maint is obviously Liberal due to him running in the Democratic Unison, but he does show some Libertarian aspects, while combining it with capitalism, he is currently pushing for the legalization of marijuana, stating "If we allow such vile contaminants such as tobacco, then the legalization of this drug should be a no-brainer!". He oftenly takes advice from both his cabinet and the Representative Deck, forming the best way to act. Due to his democratic and capitalistic approach, along with other factors, he's quite popular with most people, with a poll saying that he's the 2nd most beloved president of the modern age in Santa Selena.


Early Life

Sandre Montreuz Maint Sr. was born on 21st August 1980 12:38 EEST PM, at Molly Hospital in Azubelzk. Sandre Maint at birth was 20.5 inches long, and 6 pounds and 3 ounces heavy. Even as he was a baby, people could see his brightness, some reports say his first words at 6 months, "I love you mamma". by 7 months, he could walk. He went along with his siblings, though he would occasionally fight with his older brother, Samury Maint.

However, disaster struck when Montreuz Jr. Maint got pneumonia, hospitalizing him at age 3. Montreuz Jr. survived, but with a damaged left lung, forcing him to get a transplant. Montreuz ended up with a scar across his chest. This destroyed Sandre, who never wanted Montreuz Jr. to be hurt. However, he pushed on, and went to Valley Bull Elementary/Middle School.

Then the worst thing happened, 2 of his grandparents (Montero Maint, Sashi Maint) and his best friend Mike Lowyer we're killed in a plane accident while going to Prague. This time, Sandre Maint fell into a depression, he gained 8 pounds in a week, from bingeing food. At school, he went into a mental breakdown, crying for 3 hours straight. It was so bad, he wasn't the valedictorian at 8th grade. However, he still pushed on through life, not even self-harming himself once.

When Sandre Maint was 4, he was enrolled into Valley Bull Academy, where Sandre showed incredible talent. He constantly got top grades, and soon asked for higher level work, ending up with Sandre Maint doing 3nd Grade work in 1st Grade. The school wanted Sandre to skip a grade, but laws prevented him to do so until high school. Still, he worked on and on, getting better grades and such. However, there was a consequence of this, he was constantly bullied and harassed for being a "nerd". This was solved by no joke, throwing a SNAKE AT THEM. Sandre Maint was obviously suspended for 5 days, and was the only punishment the school gave to him. Soon after, he graduated 5th grade.

During 6th-8th grade, Sandre Maint was considered the smartest student in the school, sometimes being referred to as "a robot". Even though he would be considered a nerd in every possible way, he wasn't bullied, mostly because he gained a reputation of being ruthless to his enemies (remember, he released a snake at school due to bullying). Still, Sandre Maint became valedictorian at 7th grade. However, due to death of his best friend and both of his grandparents, his grades dropped to a B. Still, he pushed on.

When he was 13, he skipped 9th Grade, and went all the way into 10th Grade. Even though Sandre Maint skipped a grade, he was still valedictorian. Once again though, people started to bully him, this to a much greater extent, to the point he was stabbed by Nikolai Ashmen. This time, he threatened all of the bullies, "If you dare even lay a single finger on me, I will, and I mean by will, find you, and make your life miserable." He was never bullied ever again. Moving along to grades, Sandre Maint had incredible talent, especially in aspects like psychology, and strategic thinking. He was even in the national chess tournament in 1994, and got second. Before long, he got his High School Diploma at 16.

By the time Sandre Maint was in his Senior Years in High School, one of the most prestigious universities, Samton University gave Sandre a scholarship for their college. Before long, Sandre Maint enrolled into this university just before his 17th birthday. Sandre Maint soon found himself with a Bachelor's in both Politics, and Psychology, Sandre decided on getting a PHD in psychology, and soon after, a Master's in statistics.

Sandre Maint had also found quite a lot of friends, probably due to the fact that most if not all of the students, we're considered "nerds". These friends included, psychologist Henry Maxywell, writer Hanabra Montero, and future vice president, Zoe May. Before long though, he finally got his Master's in statistics, and soon left Samton University.

All the way from 1996, Sandre Maint was investing into stocks. Soon, he was gaining up to 50k a year, well enough to pay off his college. By the time he was 18, Sandre had 570K in assets, by the time he was 19, he had 1.2 million in assets. By 2000, Sandre Maint decided to use his PH.D in psychology, to apply for a psychology permit and by 1991, he was in training. Soon he became a psychologist at Sunshine Coast Psychiatry, earning a steady 110K yearly.

Even though Sandre Maint began young in his career, he was considered one of the best psychologists in the city. He managed to talk people out of suicide, and help people get out of their depression. He became renowned across Santa Selena, and soon gained his first aspect of fame. This, combined with his stocks, started increasing his net worth over 500 MILLION DOLLARSin both stocks and salary. His peak Net Worth was around 1.2 Billion in 2007 after investing into Apple. However. things were about to change.
2008 Recession:
December 2007, Santa Selena. Panic rises across Uzblezk, as stock prices plummet. The crisis originally about houses in the US has spread across the world, and is hitting the stock market hard. Stock prices plummet by at most, 100%. Sandre Maint is hit by basically a train as his net worth goes from 1.1 Billion, to 59 Million, in the span of 3 months! At one point, he had less than 1 million in his bank as banks couldn't pay him. He almost went into rags because of some stupid houses as he quoted.

Even his job as a psychologist was affected, as from the crisis, Sunshine Coast Psychiatry closed as it went bankrupt. He lost his job as a psychologist and ended up unemployed.

He spiraled into depression and into an existential crisis, he felt like everything he could do would be repressed. Soon however, he started targeting the anger to the government, "how could they let such a crisis happen?" Unbeknownst to him this would begin his political career in Santa Selena.
Personal Life

Political Career

Vice Presidency:


Sandre Maint generally likes strategic games, like Hearts of Iron IV, and Age of War. However, his favorite game is Chess. In fact he played so much, he became in International Master at the age of 19, and went on to win the European Chess Championship in 2000, and again in 2003.

He also likes literature, his favorite novels depicting dystopian futures, such as Link1984, and LinkFahrenheit 451. Due to his liking of literature, he also enjoys plays, most specifically, Shakespeare's works, you can sometimes see Sandre Maint at the Uzbelzk Theater for Literature & Plays.

He sometimes also skydives, being one of few people to jump from the stratosphere ( 67k feet ). In an interview, he stated, "It was almost mesmerizing, but you had to remember this was basically death, you were surrounded by death. One leak, dead. One crack, dead. One hole, dead."

-Sandre Maint is considered one of, if not the smartest president in Santa Selena, with an estimated IQ of 156
-Before running for president, Sandre Maint managed to be an "International Master" in chess at the age of 19.
-Sandre Maint manages to be ambidextrous (The ability to use both hands).
-Sandre Maint is believed to have a net worth of $110 million, mostly from stocks.
-Sandre Maint's favorite color is turquoise, as stated in an interview with a 6 year old.
-Sandre Maint's favorite food, is Fettucinne Alfredo, and his favorite drink is Montarii, a type of Nikkim
-Sandre Maint is one of the few people who have jumped from the Stratosphere, in Project StratoLow

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