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DoD Biweekly Report #1

To the Office of the President:

Although the President has exempted this department from creating a report this week, the Secretary feels that issues have come up recently that warrant attention.

  1. A civil war has broken out in Alexander the Magnus, between the ruling monarchists and a rebel communist cult. Although a number of nations have pledged support to one side or another, the conflict remained generally contained to Alexander itself. However, within the past day, the situation has changed. VlaRiSsiA, the primary backer of the rebels, have turned on their former beneficiaries. Surprisingly, VlaRiSsiA's government did not inform Alexander of their change of allegiance. As such, Alexander has interpreted the move as a rogue power grab, and has allied himself with the rebels against VlaRiSsiA, outnumbering the rogue nation greatly. Other nations in the monarchist alliance, however, believe in VlaRiSsia's genuine desire to help, and are threatening to break with Alexander and ally with VlaRiSsiA. The situation may deteriorate into a full international war between powerful nations, and the intervention of this government is strongly advised.

    In other news:

  2. A minor issue came up having to do with WMDs. It has become apparent that certain weapons that Hellslayer has been selling and deploying as conventional weapons do indeed fall under the definition of WMDs as defined by the new act. Hellslayer, upon being notified by various senators, including the Secretary, was generally compliant.

  3. Development of the Confederation Defence Force Act continues apace, and it should generally be ready before this week is out. However, the question of currencies remains unresolved.

  4. The traitor, Tyrransae, has apparently ceased to exist, putting the final nail in the figurative coffin of that dark chapter of our region's history. No longer can he pose a threat to the safety and prosperity of the Confederation.

This report was prepared by the Office of Statistics and Analysis, Department of Defence

Signed, Lord Derrick Molovan, Secretary of Defence, Senator from Kleptocratic Maniacs