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Thaecia This Week! #3

Thaecia This Week!

Your Weekly Newspaper!

Executive News:
The Marconian State elected as President
After an eventful couple of weeks involving the Thaecian presidency (see Issue #3), the region now has a President to be in power until October. The Marconian State is one of the most experienced Thaecians currently in the region, with 7 terms as an MP under his belt, and looks to have a solid few months as President. Despite TMS being incredibly popular, the results were very close, as TMS took 30 first round votes, and Snowflame and Fishergate took 25. The next task for the President is to secure the WA Delegacy, which looks to be a large task, as TMS had around 50 endorsements at the time of the elections. And so, the region finally looks set to have a secure Delegate in The Marconian State and the region is in a good position to finally move onwards, and try to enjoy what has already been a crazy term.

Korsinia's cabinet pretty much finished, and is ready to rumble
PM Korsinia now has a cabinet, one that contains old faces and some new ones, to help move the region forward until October. After a week or two of House confirmations, the cabinet looks ready to get to work in Kors' second term. Notable faces included first-time Minister The Islamic Country of Honour who is taking control of the Home Affairs Ministry, Former-President Titanne at the helm of the Education Ministry and new Justice Minister, The Helvetic Imperium. It seems the PM has wanted to bring in fresh faces to the cabinet, and has shown that recently. There are still a couple of positions yet to be announced, however they won't have a very large effect on cabinet business if they aren't filled. Those are Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, something that FAM, The Bigtopia is working on, and Deputy Prime Minister, a position that we haven't heard much about. Despite the little holes, that won't take much to fill, the cabinet looks strong and looks ready to start working.

Legislative News:

The Senate emphatically amends LR.009, and then proceeds to support Congressional expansion
After confirming the next two Justices, The Thaecian Senate has started debating and voting on bills. Two of the first three, were about LR.009, which was concerning recalls of elected officials. The first amendments that arrived in the chamber were amendments that had recently been passed by the HoC, authored by Indian Genius and Zon island, however the amendments were rejected significantly by chamber. After those amendments were voted on, amendments to the same law were proposed, this time from Senator Brototh. Those amendments were passed unanimously with one abstention. As of recently, the Senate has voted strongly in favour of a Congressional Expansion, the HoC to 15 seats and the Senate to 9 seats, and it looks to be placed on the HoC docket soon. The Senate is continuing its strong start to the term, and is consistently voting and debating on all bills.

The HoC continues to plod on, despite the chamber slipping to 9 members
The House of Commons has had a tricky start to the term, with inactivity, misbehaviour from MPs and other things affecting the chamber. Unfortunately, things haven't gotten any better over the last week. A few days ago, without any notice or anything like that, former-MP Republika poludniowej wyspy ksiazecej left both the discord server and the region, subsequently giving up their seat in the House. Following that, a recall for The Peoples Caribbean Union was being debated in the House, however that was never able to be completed, as PCU decided to resign from the role of MP. And so now, by-elections are going to be held for the two empty seats, placing an even larger burden on the House, as two members are missing. Hopefully, the House will rebound from these setbacks and help the region improve.

Other News:

Dizgovzy leaves the EC, Hulldom the successor
After what must have been an incredibly tough period for the Electoral Commissioner and the rest of the commission, Dizgovzy has decided to step down. The news had been inevitable for quite some time, as Diz wants to be more involved in the government as an elected official, and so the first matter for the President to act on was naming a successor. After having a successful time assisting Diz, Hulldom was almost guaranteed to be offered the job, and has been pretty much confirmed by the HoC at the time of writing. With a by-election looming, the new EC will have to get straight into working immediately, however Hulldom knows how to run an election, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue.

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