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Owl Archipelago for Prime Minister

Hello, everyone, my name is Owl Archipelago and I am standing for election as Prime Minister of Thalassia! I would like to take some of your time to present to you my campaign and explain why I am running for Prime Minister.

I joined Thalassia when it was founded, during the relocation from Pacifica. Since that moment I have always been in civil service. Something that never changed is my desire to serve Thalassia in whatever way Iím able to. I started by being an ambassador to another region, I worked on the Ministry of Security for some time, until I was appointed Deputy Minister of Information and after that, I became the Minister of Information.

Our current Prime Minister has done an amazing effort at reforming, revitalizing and renewing our region and the gauges that keep it working. These reforms were great, but we cannot stop here. With my time in civil service, I have come to put together some ideas of reforms that could make us work even better.

Here are the policy positions I am standing for in my effort to be elected Prime Minister of Thalassia. I appreciate you taking the time to read the proposals I wish to put forward and accomplish if I am elected!

Foreign Affairs: Words cannot describe how important our relations with our allies are. I intend on making a recruitment program for new ambassadors to create new relations. I would also pursue to organize inter-regional cultural events.

Culture: Our Culture Ministry has been working really well in bringing us an active and fun roleplay. I plan on having more roleplay scenarios separated from the main regional roleplay. These scenarios could be suggested by any Thalassian citizen and would be prepared and developed by the ministry staff. As the ambassador to Portugal, I managed to start discussions between our region and Portugal about organizing an inter-regional roleplay scenario and I want to make that happen. One of the projects the previous government worked on was a Tides Faire. I plan to use their work and finish what they started, hosting a Tides Faire in the region for our citizens and our inter-regional friends and allies

Information: Currently what the Information Ministry does is write in-depth news, information, and entertainment presented as articles in issues of the Wave, that have a large gap of time in between publications. I believe we can keep these publications but also make smaller and more frequent ones. I also think we should establish an editing team for handling the edit and review process before publishing. Lastly, the creation of a nation to hold the dispatches related to the ministry.

Recruitment: The Recruitment Ministry has been doing a tremendous job and I think we can increase its responsibilities and make it responsible for recruiting people into the staff of each ministry.

Legislature: I support the idea of a legislative body, this can help by making citizens contribute more to our constitution because as of right now, not many citizens write and propose supplementary legislation and changing that will strengthen our democracy.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my campaign dispatch, I hope I will earn your vote and serve this great region as Prime Minister. If you have any questions I am more then willing to answer any of them. Together, let's Continue the Fight! Semper Thalassia!

The Republic of Owl Archipelago