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FNAC Operation Bluebird: Phase Two

F.N.A.C Operation Bluebird: Phase Two

Map of the Farradean Region in the Geographical North-Centre of the Alexandrian continent.

The Narrative
Alexandria is in turmoil! The empire has been split into three factions that are warring for dominance of the continent. Much death and destruction has been dealt to all sides, and the smoldering ruins of many Alexandrian cities dominate the entirety of the International affairs page in the Newspapers.

Arrests in Intelligence Department
Military Detective Dudley Simms carried out an investigation to find the culprits behind the extremely humiliating friendly fire incident at Port Royal and Waterdeep. Two arrests were made at 10:24am and 10:26am on Sunday at the Castillian Intelligence Agency. The culprits are guilty of deliberate data sabotage and have been charged with numerous accounts of murder and Corporate treason.

The Feuraxo-Noobloxy Army Corps has successfully seized the vital port cities of Waterdeep and Port Royal with acceptable casualties. However due to deliberate data sabotage from communist sympathizers in the Castillian Intelligence Agency, there was a particularly humiliating friendly fire incident in Port Royal. Imperial Loyalists were fired upon by Feuraxian soldiers from the 8th Infantry division. This quickly escalated into a fierce firefight in which entailed heavy gun fire and armored support. Field commanders did not realise the error or their ways until Field Marshal Jim MacDuffy received an angry email from his majesty Emperor Alexander.

The Military Logistics department has verified that 2,000,000 men and noobs have successfully landed in the Farradean region. The 36th and 37th armored divisions, alongside 10 infantry divisions have been assigned to the Waterdeep front. Under the direction of General Halaway, FNAC forces have successfully advanced deep into unaligned territory with little resistance encountered. It is hoped they can connect fronts with the Loyalist pocket around the city of Camelot.

20 Infantry divisions, 3 armored divisions, and 5 mountaineer divisions have been assigned to advance on the Northern peninsula. A small pocket of dragon cultists have seized control of the mountainous Northern towns. Numbers are difficult to determine, however reconnaissance reports from mountaineering scouts have estimated the cultist numbers to be around 95,000 to 150,000. These militants are poorly equipped however many of them most likely have a hunting background and are well adjusted to the climate and terrain.
Despite the unfamiliar territory, the FNAC mountaineers are veterans from the Noobloxy-Feuraxo war and fought in the rugged Apak mountains. They are highly trained, well equipped and possess numerical superiority. No large fire fights have commenced as of the writing of this report, however the FNAC forces have continued to consolidate dominance in the Farradean peninsula.

Alexandrian communists from the far east have aggressively pushed towards Tullerheim. They are poised to take the large city before the Royalists, however the securing of Tullerheim is imperative for control of the Farradean peninsula.

Printed with authorisation from the Feuraxian Army Head of Data Management
Jerry Piedmont
Administration for Battle Data 2020