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Final Report Brief - 298/783 - Aeravahn Engagement at Exterior

Division of Military Command and Administration

Target | Aeravahn Forces
Engagement | 298/783 - Exterior Territories - Tolrasen
Deployed | Third - Fourth
Battlegroup Officer | Sal-Saraali Vall Iteren
Objective | Capability Judgement
Battlegroup Command | TNS - Lost Exigent
Outcome | Significant Losses
Report Origin | Sal-Saraali Vall Iteren - ARC/622

Vall Iteren |
There is little extent to which the engagement can be considered successful, regardless of the completion of operational objectives. The battlegroup deployed to Tolrasen consisted of the Lost Exigent, twelve dreadnoughts and battleships, twenty cruisers, and sixteen supporting frigates. Aeravahn Forces consisted of six type-four Velrahn destroyers, seven type-two Tirhel dreadnoughts refit to unknown configuration, four yet-unclassified Muras cruisers, and fourty-eight Esiat automated combatants, twelve of which were yet-unclassified patterns.

Imperial Losses consisted of nine dreadnoughts, eleven battleships, thirteen cruisers, and all deployed frigates; IDs in full report. Aeravahn forces are already deploying advanced strategies and technological developments not seen prior to or during the incursion. No orbital defenses, capital ships, or foreign combatants were present in this engagement. To reiterate: Imperial forces have suffered severe losses against historically inferior Aeravahn forces. The ratio is inconsistent with previously noted tactical deficiencies in standard operating doctrine, and currently authorized deviations were unable to account for the capabilities of the Aeravahn craft.

The engagement was a disaster. The Lost Exigent will be undergoing repairs for an estimated period of two-hundred days. I recommend that no further direct engagements be made against Aeravahn forces occupying the Exterior Territories until such time as Imperial operating doctrine and warship patterns have been substantially revised. Analysis of the engagement has been referred to ARC - 622 as per Oversight mandate.

ARC - 622 |
Sensor information retrieved from TNS - Lost Exigent command records indicate significant advancement of Aeravahn capabilities in all fields. Analysis of shielding and weapons data indicates the presence of Imperial technologies with Aeravahn developments. This is consistent with Imperial failure to defend Industrial systems from Aeravahn forces during Aeravahn incursion into the Interior Territories.

Unclassified and reconfigured Aeravahn Combatants are hereby identified as:

Type-three Tirhellan Dreadnought. No Native Designation. Reconfiguration of type-two dreadnought.
Type-eleven Muras Strike Cruiser. Native Designation: Imtarlen-Votik.
Type-seven Esiat Automated Combatant. Native Designation: Razor Autowar Pattern Three.

All above-designated craft are capable of outmaneuvering all Imperial patterns currently in operation. Standard operating doctrine has failed to respond to extant Aeravahn maneuvering and force-distribution strategies. Imperial forces are currently unable to effectively respond to modern Aeravahn craft. Projected industrial capabilities of Aeravahn occupation have been adjusted; current projections for refit and development of Aeravahn warship patterns indicate total Aeravahn battlefield dominance in approximately three years.

The recommendation for review by the Overseer is thus: Imperial development programs for series three warship patterns are to begin immediately. Tactical adaptability is to be prioritized above all prior guiding concerns. Development programs are to be lead by relevant ARC personnel to ensure rapid and effective development of patterns and systems. Projected retooling of Imperial manufacturing and repair facilities and preliminary specifications for series three patterns to be included in full report.

To Follow: Formal Report on the 298/783 Engagement, at Class 9.

The Imperium of Tinfect