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The Conch Times - Issue 5

11.07.2020 ISSUE V 5 SHELLS


Hello there Conch Kingdom. Election season has finally come to a halt, bringing in
new members for the government and seeing the old members leave. Truly a sad
event to witness, with many downcasted by the end of Supero Omnia's PM term. But
we must welcome the new members of the government as they bring new change to

On the 08/07/20, Crionadh presented us the results of the elections. After the great
campaigns posted by the participants, Charville, Third British Empire and Rex Omnia
were elected as the new officials of CK. For a percentage chart of the voting please
look down below.

For those who still seek to be in the government, I am sure there will be plenty more
opportunities to come by our Prime Minster and Minster of Foreign Affairs. Other than
that Conch Kingdom, I hope you are ready to see what the new ministers will bring to

🎊 7 Special Mentions 🎊

💎 The sovereign provinces of Mesha is
ranked 10th for the Largest Manufacturing
Sector. The nation is known to have 74% of
their population working in factories.

💎 Loveable Dogs is ranked 7th for the Most
Devout. There are rumours that rigorous
one-on-one lessons are done to probe the
depth of citizens' beliefs.

💎 Travnjaci is ranked 1st for the Largest
Pizza Delivery Sector. Citizens are known to
spend many nights answering the front door.

💎Camo Uslavae is ranked 4th for the
Lowest Crime Rates. It was shown that you
cannot lure theses citizens into committing
various crime.

💎 Corrinnesia is ranked 10th for the Most
Corrupt Governments. It was shown that
bribes were required to complete simple
administrative requests.

💎 LEEEthanica is ranked 8th for the
Highest Unexpected Death Rate. The
government actively encourages to pay their
respects at cemeteries.

💎 Lower East Manhattan who successfully
became a psychotic dictatorship recently.

Current Poll

Our current polls is up and it is about our
newly elected ministers! What a coincidence.
If you want to view the poll, please click here.
The poll asks you which minister's ideas are
you most excited about so go have a look at
their campaigns and decide. I am sure you
know which answer to pick right, right?

On a side note from now on as you have
noticed we have reduced the amount of
surveyors to one. So if you are going to
telegram a poll, please telegram it to
Covida only. You wanted to do citizen
based polls so now you have to share your
ideas as well.


In the week to come I will be doing a type of
detective story where you will be the one
picking the choices. So reply, whether you
want me to do it where I show the option and
you vote for the best regionally or an interactive
one where I trust you will not cheat. Let me know.

Interview with Hill Billy

This is our fifth interview and this is with Hill Billy. We will ask them a number of question relating to their life in nationstates and a few about them outside. This time our interview will be conducted by Crionadh.

🎤 What's your favourite thing about CK?

Hill Billy: Well the thing I love about the CK is it's diversity and very much active for the most part. I also like this place for it is my first region to join and seems fit for a nation like me. I then like the welcomness of the region to new members or outsiders in general. Yeah and also I like the eventful happenings over here especially in Roleplayings. It even sometimes happens in the rmb from ambitious members who keep it interesting for the most part. Though I really want more in the discord cause it's only the major members there for the most part that participate in big roleplays, not saying minor members don't got much big things to do in roleplay but I just think they can be more ambitious when it come to roleplay like maybe sign a treaty or send a diplomat or something like that or even be more active. ( I also love y'all Conch cookies, goes well with my milk) Is it too much fellar?

🎤 No that's perfect. Speaking of roleplay, you have you're own newspaper which I personally throughly enjoy. What can we expect from the next edition?

Hill Billy: Oh well ya see partner with a hail of unforeseen events my one and only mouse just got dead, sooo It may or may not significantly affect my publishments of my newspapers to the International Community... I'm using my touchpad as you can see..

🎤 Oh darn.

Hill Billy: Well you can't see but you get it.

🎤 That's a shame.

Hill Billy: Yep wont register it for some reason..

🎤 Well what do you enjoy doing outside of CK?

Hill Billy: Like in the AA?

🎤 Like in real life.

Hill Billy: Oh well lemme see here... I love being in the sunset time to time, maybe go for a walk and go up a hill nearby.. Well just have some balance time in general by not staring at my computer for the whole day and maybe read a book or two.

🎤 Sounds peaceful

Hill Billy: Yes people should get out more though with caution, because of the Covid-19, Be sure to wear your mask and remove your shoes when you come home. Be sure as well to wash your hand and if possible have quick shower to cleanse you self.

🎤 Thank you for the advice. Well how do you feel about the results of the elections?

Hill Billy: Umm pretty great, for most of my canditates that I voted have won the elections.

🎤 Any final thoughts?

Hill Billy: Stay home and come out from time to time

There you have it Conch Kingdom. I hope you found out something about your fellow citizen. Thank you for listening in on Conch Kingdom Interviews. If you would like to be interviewed please telegram Crionadh or DM him on discord.

Interview Conducted By: Crionadh

Dictatorship Tips

This week's tips given by The Hasrne for the fellow dictatorship nations out there. To continue on your path to become supreme leader.


Most of the dictators like to go outside to make all of the people proud of having a leader like you, but a good way to prevent your assassination is by staying in a bunker! That's right let your people starve to death while you are comfortable in your bunker, with all the basic necessities you need! Why would a great leader like you need to be outside his palace just to see the peasants being happy to see a god like person like you? No one! Keep your presence using holograms! These the new ways to be with your people without going out of your palace!


Being aggressive is a great form to show how powerful you are, it will show the world not to mess with you. But what happens if you go peaceful? Without an army you will most likely be attacked by foreign powers or being trapped in a civil war, so if you want to be the envy of the world you have 2 options, the first one is to do more spending in the military or improve your people's civil rights but who wants to do that? It will make you weaker. So increase your military spending, it will save your life one day.


My opinion about the constitutional monarchies is that, you leave the power of your decisions to the most incompetent people. Think about for a second, if one party doesn't have the advantage practically, some policies that could be helping your nation, or not, will never see the light of approval. It would be the same if you take as an example Mexico, they have 2 powers that can outmatch the president, which is the 3rd power, the first one is the "Camara de Diputados" which is very important because without it the president practically has no power to make his own changes and this 2020 has proven that if you have full control over that Camara, you will be able to do whatever you want with no opposition whatsoever making this a tyranny by majority.

Written by : The Hasrne


Hello CK! This is this week's comic by our comics editor Brustates. We also have a few more comics
by our graphics designer Kensaland because I guess he was feeling artistic. If you would like to
see something drawn by in the next issue, telegram Brustates.

Title: A New Era

Caption : Charville replacing Supero Omnia as PM.

Publisher = Rex Omnia

Comics Editor = Brustates

Senior Executive Professional Interviewer = Crionadh

Writer = The Hasrne

Writer = Charville

Graphics Designer = Kensaland


Any and all CK nations can contribute if they like. You can submit an article you'd like published in the next Issue. You can propose ideas to Rex Omnia about what you'd like to see in the next Issue. Or, if you're feeling ambitious, you can join the staff! You can become a writer and help in writing articles.