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The Great Reconstruction

VlaRiSsiAn Rebuilding Campaign
Prisoners working on civil and military projects during the Great Reconstruction
Personal Information


2095 - 2099




Mass Centralization,
Socio-Economic Reforms,
Political Repression


Mass Militarization,
Millions of Deaths,
Rise to Superpower,
Increase in Jingoism


Ambitions for Global Dominance,
2094 Economic Recession

Estimated Deaths:

12 - 14 million through forced
labor and executions,
19 million including the 2097

The VlaRiSsiAn Rebuilding Campaign, also known as The Great Reconstruction was a major Socio-Economic campaign aimed at industrializing and centralizing the economy as well as to repair the damage caused by the devastating civil war. The regime would nationalize and consolidate the economy, controlling how the campaign would work. Mass industrialization and militarization occurred in this 5 year plan.

The brutal civil war had devastated VlaRiSsiA. There was a massive labor shortage and recession along with mass destruction from the 4 years of bombardment and fighting. 12 million people died in the VlaRiSsiA civil war, and many major cities were decimated. Shrek would fix this through a series of campaigns known as the Great Reconstruction. Many people were killed from these policies, but they deserved it for not complying. Shrek would enact radical economic reform that sought to rapidly recover the nation.

Shrekís extreme policies were felt as many people perished in forced labor. However, it was a small price to pay as VlaRiSsiA was stronger than ever before. The series of campaigns would strengthen VlaRiSsiA influence, even if atrocities had to be committed to do so. The effects of this plan were enormous, in which they drastically increased the strength of the military and increased global influence as a whole.

Forced Labor

The VlaRiSsiAn Civil War caused millions of deaths and costed trillions in infrastructure. The economy was at the brink of collapse and widespread famine and disease ravaged the country. Upon seizing power, the Supreme Leader would crush all potential opponents during the Green Terror, in which millions were executed or imprisoned in a matter of months. As mass purges were enacted, government instability ensued. Millions of avaialablr laborers were killed in the war or severely injured. The economy was crumbling during this period of recession and a severe labor shortage made reconstruction nigh impossible. Shrek, seeing this as an issue, had a solution: Gulags.

The Regime began constructing the labor system in 2094. But they lacked laborers. The system of forced labor camps for felons would be established - through forced labor. Millions had to be abducted to construct these camps, but it was well worth it. By mid 2095, a huge system of labor camps would be ready to crush dissent. The Green Terror saw a massive spike in prisoners, increasing the labor population rapidly. Soon, religious law would be instilled in which violators of morality would also be sent to gulags to increase the work force even more. Forced laborers were rather efficient since they didnít need to be payed and they could construct relentless projects for nothing in return. Itís a win win! But these gulags were simply the first step in the campaign.


With the labor shortage almost eliminated, since unemployed people were either conscripted or enslaved, the regime could now focus on actually doing stuff. First, the economy would be completely nationalized and consolidated in the hands of Supreme Leader Shrek. He gained absolute control all economic decisions and would advise all reforms. A major collectivization campaign began and all industry was seized for the proletariat. There was one problem. The Kulaks, high class peasants, refused to comply with the glorious 5-year plan. This of course did not sit well, and Shrek ordered the entire kulak class to be liquidated. Roughly 1.5 million of these greedy bourgeois pig-dogs were executed and another 4.5 million were put to work to actually contribute to society. The economic modernization could finally commence with those degenerates gone.

With the kulaks out of the way, Shrek would have complete ownership of the means of production, and with his inimitable geniusness, he properly took care of the economy. The economy boomed and numerous projects were built and mass industrialization occurred. Prisoners would construct buildings, infrastructure, capital goods, factories, military equipment among other necessities during the 5 year period in ruthless conditions. The entire population was mobilized into tireless forced labor, and the smallest mishap was punished with execution. As workers were transitioned to factories and automation, change became drastic. Shrek saw the mistakes made by Stalin and Mao and made sure to be more successful than them. The laborers and capital goods were transitioned to be able to work well in the Shrekist system, allowing for great advances all under complete totalitarian control. Following radical industrialization, mass militarism would follow.


Prisoners were forced to mass produce as many weapons of war as possible. Mass conscription was enforced to put a significant portion of the population in the army. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles were mass produced during this time. Many new military branches such as the space and drone forces were established. Tens of millions of people were sent to the military in a mass militaristic expansion campaign. The industrialization would be used to enhance the arms manufacturing industry. Technological advancement for military purposes ensued and state of the art tanks and artillery were mass produced.

Eventually, with a powerful military, the VlaRiSsiAn regime looked outward. Global influence skyrocketed as VlaRiSsiA rose to becoming a Military and Industrial superpower. Through coups and invasions, the Green Army would place control over areas beyond their borders. Many areas were annexed in the 5 year campaign. The balkans were invaded in 2098, and officially annexed in 2099. Many more territories were occupied following the militarization. In fact, following the campaign, a massive war in Europe would help increase VlaRiSsiAn reaches. Expansionism combined with extreme chauvinism and totalitarianism would make this radical change so significant.

Millions of forced laborers perished when reconstructing VlaRiSsiA due to the harsh conditions. While damages caused by the war were fixed and improved, the loss of life was significant, even if those who died deserved it for their refusal to bow to Shrek. Millions were executed such as with the kulaks as well as many intellectuals and Trotskyist scum. The 2097 famine, which was engineered to quash the rebellious ethnic Gingerbreadmen, starved between 4 and 5 million people. A fifth of every prisoner working of the projects perished during the campaign with most dying later. The total death toll is arguably in the tens of millions, with many historians claiming that more died during the reconstruction than in the war. It is still worth it since now VlaRiSsiA is the power that we know today with incredible militaristic might and a deeply devout chauvinistic populace unlike any other.