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Regional Map [CK]

Last updated on Sunday, 10th January, 2021. If you find this dispatch helpful, please upvote.


This page contains the regional map, which is maintained by Cartographer Liberto-Ancapistan. Instructions for submitting a claim can be found below. This document is updated as necessary on Sundays.

The name of our world is Telrova

Map of Conch Kingdom as of 10th January 2021

Update includes:
Addition of: Duby, Coliapa, Neander, Osumera
Deletion of: Japo-American Union, Teeside and Tyneside, SRF, Vendiana, Aonides
Expansions in: Oktadonia
Relocation in:

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1 pixel = 46.75 sq miles. Initial claims may not exceed 663,000 sq miles. When exceeding this limit, size of claims will be weighed against time in the region, as well as activity in RP. WA members with a good history of cross endorsing may also be permitted more territory. When requesting larger claims and expansions, please give detailed explanations of why you wish for so much territory. As CK has begun to expand on its maps, the addition and removal of custom islands has proven problematic. As such, custom islands will no longer be accepted. Existing claims are grandfathered in and need not worry. When submitting a claim, if you have a particular area in mind, shade it in as you want it. Use the same shade as your nation claim for expansions. Any colors not the same will result in a rejected expansion claim. Claims may be rejected at the cartographer's discretion.

See below to see areas of the map which are currently unclaimable..

For Initial Claims, there are two methods.

First method: write a Factbook containing this exact format and telegram the link to Liberto-Ancapistan:
"Category:Meta ---> Gameplay
Title: Map Claim

[b]Nation Name:[/b]
[b]Time Spent in the Conch Kingdom?:[/b]
[b]What spot/area are you claiming?:[/b] (a rough image of claim is encouraged)
[b]Nation with WA Status:[/b]
[b]Detailed location of capital city:[/b] (optional)

Second method: DM @Radical Centrist#3140 on Discord with this exact format:

__**Map Claim**__

**Nation Name:**
**Time Spent in the Conch Kingdom?:**
**What spot/area are you claiming?:**
**Nation with WA Status:**
**Detailed location of capital city:** (optional)

You will need to join our Regional Discord Server (Linkhere) and become verified to claim a spot. Once you have become verified, post the link to the Map Claim Dispatch in #conch_bay, pinging @Radical Centrist#3140, also sending it in a DM.

One claim per user, if your nation is a coalition of countries, they may be mapped as such, but the claim limit will still apply. Areas owned by international organisations may be marked as such.

If you wish to expand your existing claim, please use the same process as above.

First method: write a Factbook containing this exact format and telegram the link to ShortLiberto-Ancapistan:

"Category:Meta ---> Gameplay
Title: Map Claim Expansion

[b]Nation Name:[/b]
[b]Time Spent in the Conch Kingdom?:[/b]
[b]Where are you trying to expand your claim to?:[/b]
[b]For what reason do you wish to expand your claim?[/b]

Second method: DM @Radical Centrist#3140 on Discord with this exact format:

__**Map Claim Expansion**__

**Nation Name:**
**Time Spent in the Conch Kingdom?:**
**Where are you trying to expand your claim to?:**
**For what reason do you wish to expand your claim?**

Expansions will be approved to claimants who have spent either one month in Conch Kingdom or have meaningfully contributed to roleplay.
Expansions may be given out under special circumstances (such as the result of a war, land trade, or if you are well under the maximum limit for a claim.)
If you are at the maximum limit for a claim, please provide a very good reason as to why you should be allowed to expand your claim.

Relocating a Claim

If you wish to relocate your claim, please TG Liberto-Ancapistan.

Claim Removal
If a nation on the map gets ejected/banjected, CTEs, or leaves, there will be a grace period during which their claim will not be removed. This does not apply to nations within unclaimable areas, which will be removed in the next update.

Involvement in RP

Grace Period


Seven Days


Fourteen Days


Thirty Days


Sixty Days

Nations which have at least Some involvement in RP may request an additional Grace Period if they know a definitive time they will be away and CTE is likely. Traditional Grace Period will begin after said time lapses.

If you wish to remove your claim on the map for whatever reason, please send a telegram or direct message to Liberto-Ancapistan.

Please note that these claims may be removed and sustained without the aforementioned procedure.

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Some areas of the map, marked in red, are currently closed to new claims, expansions, and relocations. These may be unclaimable due to a variety of reasons, such as RP and future reworks. All claims within these areas will be denied without comment.

If an unclaimable area contains claims, it is one which has been selected to be reworked. If your claim is located within one of these areas, your borders will not be changed, unless you give the cartographer permission to do so.

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Laur-en-tia // Laurentian
The name for two twin continents, which were recently split in two by a natural disaster. They are called North Laurentia and South Laurentia.
Echˇorˇis // Echorisian
Taˇkaˇriˇa // Takarian
Naˇruˇshia // Narushian
Puˇkam // Pukamian
Antˇarˇticˇa // Antartican
Eˇlisˇia // Elisian
A supercontinent. Some think that it is two continents: West Elisia and East Elisia. The sea contained inside is commonly called Check or Lake Okchon.
Maˇliˇdia // Malidian
Evˇrosˇia // Evrosian
Tagˇrae // Tagraeian
'Iorˇaˇna // 'Ioranaian


More coming soon

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More information may be added at a future point. The Solar System is under the jurisdiction of the Space Cartographer, Liberto-Ancapistan.

Volkar - Volkar is a volcanic planet, which is super close to its star, deeming it too hot for man.
Telrova - Telrova is in that Goldilocks zone, where the star gives the right anount of heat to sustain life.
Marax - What we think of when we think "moon".
Kilameir - Mushy on the surface, filled with lava underground.
Eurypa - Eurypa is a very basic planet, gray, boring, a little too cold for people. Your average space rock. Scientists say it was a large stray asteroid from the Etiam Belt.
Welkun - An extremely cold and icy planet.
Etiam Belt - A medium-thick belt that surrounds the Lumina System.
[Unknown] - ???

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