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Government [CK]

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The Conch Creed


§1. Preamble
The document here enclosed, by the authority of the People of Conch Kingdom, is established as the sole and indisputable legal code of the region and all her territories and shall be acknowledged as such by all entities, present and future, foreign and domestic.

§2. Establishment of a government
1. 1. This document shall contain five Articles. These Articles shall lay out the structure of the government, and will contain all the laws, codes, and statutes of the land. No law shall be considered legitimate outside of those put forth in this document either as amendments or articles.
2. The government of the region shall be known as the Constitutional Monarchy of Conch Kingdom.

§3. Privileges held by residents
1. All residents are entitled to certain privileges, which take effect immediately upon their entry into the region, and expire upon their departure. No law shall be made to restrict these privileges. Any violation of these rights will not be tolerated by the Constitutional Monarchy.
2. A resident is defined as a single, human person controlling a single nation within the confines of this region and all its territories. No resident will be permitted to control more than one nation.
3. These privileges are as follows.
i. All residents may give, receive, withdraw, and otherwise exchange endorsements freely without fear of repercussion.
ii. All residents may vote in general elections held by the Constitutional Monarchy.
iii. All residents may contest the position of World Assembly Delegate at any time.
iv. All residents may express their thoughts freely without fear of repercussions unless those thoughts endanger the state or breach the rules of good conduct.
v. All residents may contest the position of any government office.

§4. Government of Conch Kingdom
1. The region must possess an Executive Branch.
i. This branch shall contain a Founder, a World Assembly Delegate, and at least three Ministers
ii. Members of the Executive Branch shall hold the responsibility of approve bill meant to be law, and enforcing the laws of the region negotiated treaties

Government Structure

§1. Executive Branch
1. The region must possess a Founder, who may utilize the title of Monarch in formal settings. The Founder holds all powers available to their office, and may not be challenged or restricted in their authority.
2. The region must elect a Delegate to the World Assembly. The Delegate also holds all powers available to their office, and may not be denied these by any other official or law.
3. Senior Ministers are to be elected by the residents of the region. Upon entering office, a Minister may delegate authority to other members of the region that will be known as Junior Ministers. The Junior Ministers may be dismissed at any time by their Senior Minister, or the Founder.
i. A Minister of Foreign Affairs shall be responsible for negotiating with other regions, establishing relationships between Conch Kingdom and other regions and organizations, and speaking on behalf of the region in public fora. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, upon entering office, may set their own Embassy Policy at their own discretion. If this policy is not satisfactory to the Prime Minister, they may order the Minister of Foreign Affairs to change their policy.
ii. A Minister of Domestic Affairs shall be responsible for communication between the Constitutional Monarchy and residents, facilitating elections, managing recruitment and retention, planning events to take place within the region, managing cultural and entertainment programs for residents, and curating roleplay-related resources.
iii. A Prime Minister shall be responsible for serving as the region's Chief Executive, with the power to oversee the duties of the two aforementioned Ministers and any additional Ministers added after the ratification of this document; and maintaining the regional code of law.


§1. Vacancies in government
1. Executive Branch
i. In the event that the office of the Delegate becomes vacant, the resident with the second most endorsements will take control of the position no more than twelve hours later.
ii. In the event that the office of any Senior Minister becomes vacant, the Prime Minister will choose a replacement that will serve until the end of that position's term.
iii. Should the office in question be that of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Domestic Affairs will fill the position until a special election can be held to replace the Prime Minister. To avoid the over-centralization of power, the Delegate will appoint a temporary Prime Minister after two weeks if no election is held.
iv. In the event that the office of any Junior Minister becomes vacant, the Senior Minister above them will choose a replacement that will serve until the end of that position's term.

§3. Treaties
1. All treaties will be negotiated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs or a designee and will be ratified by the Prime Minister.
2.The Prime Minister or Monarch may cancel any treaty.

§4. Passage of bills
1. The people of Conch Kingdom will pass, via region-wide referendum, any proposed amendment or law.
2. Laws will be proposed to any Senior Minister for approval. Once approved, the Prime Minister will place the bill up for a vote on the region poll. Referendums must pass by a majority vote.

§5. Amendments to the Conch Creed
1. Any resident of the region can propose an amendment to the Conch Creed at any time.
2. Proposed amendments must be endorsed by a current senior minister. Once endorsed, the proposal will go to referendum
3. The referendum will consist of a poll, set by the Prime Minister and open to residents only. The proposal must pass a majority vote to pass.
4. Once the proposal has had one week to be voted upon, the Prime Minister will add it to the Conch Creed or declare the amendment failed, according to the vote.

§6. Removal from office
1. Should any official be accused of any infraction or questionable action, the informant will take any information to the accused officer’s direct superior. The superior will take action according to the information received.
2. Should the Prime Minister be accused, the Delegate will carry the case.
3. Should the Delegate be accused, the Prime Minister or the Monarch will carry the case.
4. Should the accused be found guilty, the Prime Minister or Delegate or Monarch will be called upon to administer the punishment.
5. Any resident may petition the Prime Minister to initiate a Vote of No Confidence against any elected official. Should that official be the Prime Minister, the Delegate or Monarch may be petitioned.
i. The Prime Minister or aforementioned substitute will review the evidence against the defendant and present it to the region in a public forum. Once the evidence has been publicly presented by the Prime Minister or another official, a poll will be set for ten days.
ii. The defendant will have the opportunity to defend themselves against the evidence in a public forum. The prosecution will likewise have the opportunity to make a rebuttal.
iii. At the end of the ten days, the Prime Minister, or Delegate or Founder in the case of a Vote of No Confidence against the Prime Minister, shall take action in accordance with the results of the poll.
iv. Once a verdict has been reached, it cannot be appealed or overturned. If unsuccessful, another Vote of No Confidence may not be called against the same official for 30 days.

§7. Enforcement of law
1. It is the duty of the Prime Minister to ensure that all laws passed by the People of Conch Kingdom are enforced.
i. The Prime Minister can directly enforce any law when it deals with residents.
ii. The Prime Minister may delegate his authority to enforce laws to other Senior and Junior Ministers by an Executive Order.

§8. Administrative Leave
1. Any official may request leave for any length of time through a sending a request to a Senior Minister.
2. If granted, a leave status excuses that official from all duties until the expiration of that leave.
3. If the absence of the official extends past the end of their term, the official may be asked to resign from office.
4. If the Prime Minister believes having the official remain in office will result in negative consequences for the region and the official refuses to leave, the person will be forced to resign.
5. While an official is on leave, the next most senior official will be responsible for completing all their duties and responsibilities.
6. No official may be removed from office on the grounds of absence during an official leave of absence.

§9. Elections
1. Campaigning for any elected position may start at any time after the completion of the last election for that position.
2. Campaigns cannot be declared after elections have started, unless no candidate is running.
3. In the case of a special election, each resident campaigning shall be allowed fourteen days to make their case in public before the start of the election.
4. Should any vacancy remain following an election, it shall be the responsibly of the Prime Ministers to appoint residents to each seat.
5. Election shall be held in a consistent format.
i. All elections shall be held on the first of the month.
ii. Elections shall take place every three months for the Executive Branch.
iii. Polls shall be open to all residents and shall remain open for seven days.
iv. If a resident is elected to multiple positions after the election has concluded, they may only take up one office. The remaining office or offices will be awarded to the candidate with the second-most votes.

Code of Laws

The Code of Conduct Act of 2019
The Conch Kingdom Flag Code

Current Officials

Executive Branch:

Founder: Conch Kingdom
World Assembly Delegate: Free Azell
Prime Minister: Charville
Secretary of Recruitment: Duby
Minister of Foreign Affairs: The Third British Empire
Minister of Domestic Affairs: Rex Omnia
Surveyor: Socialist Platypus
Cartographer: Liberto-Ancapistan
Secretary of Roleplay: Cle Brait


First Amendment: Order of Recruitment 11.30.19
Second Amendment: Order of Merit 12.7.19
Third Amendment: Law Enforcement and Overturn Proceedure 1.20.20
Fourth Amendment: Order of Recruitment, Amended 2.11.20
Fifth Amendment: Amendment Voting 3.7.20
Sixth Amendment: Order of Merit, Amended 4.10.20
Seventh Amendment: Proposal of Amendments to the Conch Creed 4.20.20
Eighth Amendment: Special Elections 5.11.20
Ninth Amendment: Administrative Leave Succession 6.1.20

Please speak to the Minister of Foreign Affairs to begin negotiations.

Requirements for opening an embassy:

  • Each region shall have to respect the values and laws of each other.
    -As such neither party will attempt to force their will upon the other or purposefully violate the laws for their own benefit.

  • You are requested to have less embassies than 50. If you are over that amount then please speak to the MoFA for assesment of an exception to this requirement.

  • Regions must be willing to take or send diplomats if one of the regions wishes to do so.
    -The region sending an ambassador must inform the other party of when they should arrive and what their name is for easy recognition.

  • Regions must be active regardless of where. This can be on the RMB, Discord, Forums, or anywhere else that people can easily access.

  • Each region needs to have a WA Delegate.

  • Each region needs to have a certain number of nations
    -The current requirement is 40 with at least 25% or more active.

Requirements for closing an embassy:

  • Becoming a region with an extremist ideology.
    -Such ideologies include, but are not limited to Fascism and Communism.

  • Disrespecting our Region or core values.

  • The Region going inactive for several weeks without contacting the Foreign Branch beforehand.

  • This act is also triggered in the event of a merge being planned and embassies are not grandfathered unless under exceptional circumstances.

  • Refusing to agree with and maintain the above-mentioned terms to start embassies by Officials of said Region.

  • Being a region viewed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs as an embassy collector
    -The cap enacted as of now is 50 Embassies.

Any questions please direct them to the MoFA, The Third British Empire

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