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Vote FOR Access To Abortion

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Resolution at Vote: Access To Abortion
Vote Recommendation: For


The first reason I’m in ardent support of this resolution is to illustrate our region’s disapproval towards the undemocratic and degenerate practices of other regions when it came to opposing the prior Access to Abortion resolution. Such regions conducted raids against small and defenseless regions with delegates apporoving of Access to Abortion in order to take the resolution out of quorum. The League of Conservative Nations condemns such operations as we support the sovereignty of all decent nationstates regions. Under current leadership we will never support operations to raid regions for political gain within the WA and encourage others to pick on regions their own size.

The second reason I fully support this resolution is because it literally reduces instances of abortion. Pro-life apologists probably get a nickel every time they say “life begins at conception.” I would go off to say most of those in this region believe that; thus, vote for this resolution because it protects life. Look at the provisions regarding contraception, “Members must pay for or provide directly… contraceptives.” Contraceptives are inherently pro-life because they prevent abortions. In fact, a study by Washington University in Saint Louis confirms that contraceptives reduce abortion rates by 62 to 78 percent. It’s clear to see voting for is actually the pro-life option.

For the above reasons, I urge you to vote FOR Access to Abortion.

San carlos mission to the world assembly