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U.S. Army Structure and Equipment

The U.S. Army is the backbone of the RAR military, the stalwart defenders of the Readmitted States and the protectors of democracy. They are also often the first contact many wastelanders have with the RAR. The Army and its associated sub-branches are usually the first ones to go into an area, often with the purpose of "readmitting" it to the Union.

Because of the ever-changing conditions of the wasteland battlefield, the Army has adopted a flexible organization scheme for its units. At the heart is the Brigade Combat Team, a combined arms team that has not just infantry, but mechanical units as well as Army Aviation vertibirds organic to it. Commanded by Brigadier Generals, the BCTs act as self-contained military units operating within a certain military zone.

What follows is a breakdown of U.S. Army echelons and their associated equipment, starting from the bottom:

The Rifle Squad is the base unit of a Rifle Company, typically associated with an Infantry Battalion. A rifle squad is made up of two Fireteams of four soldiers each. A fireteam is led by a Team Leader armed with a standard plasma rifle, and consists of the TL, a Rifleman (E3), a Grenadier carrying 3 plasma grenades, and an Autorifleman carrying the Plasma Autorifle. All members of the Rifle Squad except for the Autorifleman carry an Urban Plasma Rifle in addition to their specialty weapons. The Squad is lead by a Squad Leader (E6). The SL and TLs both carry the AN/PRC-6 handheld radio unit for local communications.

- 1x Squad Leader (Staff Sergeant E6)
- 2x Team Leader (Sergeant E5)
- 2x Riflemen (Private First Class E3)
- 2x Grenadier (Corporal E4)
- 2x Autoriflemen (Specialist E4)
- 7x Urban Plasma Rifle
- 2x M47 Plasma Autorifle
- 6x Plasma Grenades
- 3x AN/PRC-6 Handheld Radios

The Weapons Squad is essentially a heavy firepower squad, equipped with bigger weapons to provide immediate heavy-fire support. The Weapons Squad is led by a Squad Leader (E6) and composed of two teams, a Heavy Plasma team and a Missile Launcher team. The Heavy Plasma team consists of a Senior Plasma Specialist (E5) who operates one of the plasma casters, a Plasma Specialist (E4) who operates the other one, and two Ammo Handlers (E3) who are also armed with the Urban Plasma Rifle. The Missile Launcher (or anti-armor) team is structured the same way, with a Senior Missile Specialist (E5), a Missile Specialist (E4), and two Ammo Handlers (E3) with Urban Plasma Rifles. The Squad Leader and the Senior Specialists are equipped with the AN/PRC-6 handheld radio for direct communication with each other and with the Platoon Leader.

- 1x Squad Leader (Staff Sergeant E6)
- 2x Senior Weapons Specialist (Sergeant E5)
- 2x Weapons Specialist (Specialist E4)
- 4x Ammo Handler (Private First Class E3)
- 4x Urban Plasma Rifle
- 2x Plasma Caster
- 2x Missile Launcher
- 3x AN/PRC-6 Handheld Radios

The Platoon is the next echelon in the Army unit hierarchy. The Platoon is composed of at minimum 2, with a max of 6 rifle squads, a Weapons Squad, and a Platoon HQ. The Eastern Command standard is 3 squads to a platoon. The Platoon Headquarters includes the Platoon Leader (O1), a Platoon Sergeant (E-7), a Radio Telephone Operator (E-3) equipped with the backpack AN/PRC-77 radio telephone system, a Combat Medic (E-4) armed with a Plasma Defender, a Forward Observer (E5), and the Forward Observer's RTO (E4) also utilizing the AN/PRC-77.