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General Assembly Resolution #5: Joining the Evergreen Pact

Sponsors: The United Insular States of Achipel & Capucinn (Conifer)

Author: The United Insular States of Achipel

Category: Interregional Diplomacy

Affects: Region

WHEREAS, the Evergreen Ecoprogressive Solidarity Coalition, abbreviated as EESC hereinafter, strives to promote environmentalism within and outside its borders.

WHEREAS, the EESC aims to become an important party on an interregional scale, i.e. in the World Assembly.

WHEREAS, the members of the EESC strive to protect themselves and each other from intruders and foreign aggression.

The General Assembly of the New West Indies hereby:

  • Defines:

    1. "Region" as a federation of individual nations, with the ability to vote on World Assembly proposals and establish diplomatic relations with other regions.

    2. "Ecoprogressivism" as the ideology of the regions parties to the present Treaty, comprising environmentalism and progressivism, therefore being essentially green, leftist, feminist, democratic and pacifist.

    3. "Evergreen Pact" as the abridged name of the Evergreen Ecoprogressive Solidarity Coalition, established by the [below] Treaty.

  • Honors the terms and conditions laid down by the EESC Treaty.

  • Appoints a nation nominated by the members of the incumbent Cabinet, as of 22 July 2018, and the Founder as the New West Indies' ambassador to the Evergreen Pact.

  • Decides that the New West Indies shall join the Evergreen Pact.

The text of the EESC Treaty may be reviewed here:

Status: Repealed on June 7, 2019.

The Office of GA President