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General Assembly Resolution #3: Motion of No Confidence Against MacAlpine

Sponsor/Author: The United Insular States of Achipel

Category: Impeachment

Affects: Macalpine

WHEREAS, the incumbent President of the General Assembly MacAlpine, referred to as "President" hereinafter, has not been active for 5 days since this resolution has been written.

WHEREAS, the President has not inquired his tasks as President after their election.

WHEREAS, the President has been inactive on both the RMB and the Discord channel, and has been unattainable for one whole month of their term.

The General Assembly of the New West Indies hereby:

  • Impeaches the incumbent President (June 2018), MacAlpine, and removes them from office with immediate effect upon the passage of this resolution.

  • Agrees to host re-elections for a new President after the election of the Secretary-General.

Status: Passed on June 8, 2018.

Voting outcome:

    14 FOR (100%)
    00 AGAINST (0%)
    01 Invalid

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The Office of GA President