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General Assembly Resolution #2: Introducing and Limiting WA Delegate Terms

Sponsor: Unia saul

Author: The United Insular States of Achipel

Category: Constitutional Amendment

Affects: World Assembly members

07 - World Assembly motions and election of the World Assembly Delegate

The World Assembly delegate, abbreviated as WAD hereinafter, represents the New West Indies to the NationStates World Assembly.

The WAD is elected for a term of two months during the first weekend of every other month. Every citizen of the NWI, regardless of WA membership status, may vote for their preferred delegate. According to the outcome, WA members are obligated to elect the winner as WA delegate.

Any nation may serve as WAD for two consecutive terms (four months), after which they must abdicate their position. This may be achieved by (a) every other WA member withdrawing their endorsement from that nation; or (b) that nation resigning from the World Assembly.

The WAD must vote on WA resolutions according to the opinion of the region's members. Such opinion polls are open for all citizens of the New West Indies and their voting period is twenty-four (24) hours.

Status: Repealed on December 9, 2018.

The Office of GA President