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General Assembly Resolution #1: Introducing Citizenship Application Procedures

Sponsor: The United Insular States of Achipel

Category: Regional Administration

Affects: Region

WHEREAS, every nation entering the New West Indies has been accepted as full citizen thus far.

WHEREAS, no further citizen registration measures have been implemented yet.

ADVISING, that citizen registration procedures will contribute to help ensure regional security.

CONCERNED, that missing background checks on nations entering the NWI might result in the manipulation of regional votings and elections.

The General Assembly of the New West Indies hereby:

  • Mandates, the Secretary-General and the Secretary of the Interior to review applications and issue citizenship.

  • Wields, the Founder and the Secretary-General with a veto power to revoke any citizenship status if they deem the applicant to pose a threat to regional security.

  • Allows, the General Assembly to overturn any veto decision made by the Founder or the Secretary-General.

  • Prohibits, any player to keep more than one nation with citizenship status within the New West Indies.

  • Clarifies, that the aforementioned paragraph does not include non-citizen puppets.

  • Requires, the incumbent authorities to set up an application in form of a "Meta" dispatch.

  • Establishes, citizenship application measures consisting of said dispatch, which needs to be filled in and sent to the Secretary-General and the Secretary of the Interior by the applicant.

Status: Passed on May 6, 2018.

Voting outcome:

    08 FOR (89%)
    01 AGAINST (11%)
    00 Invalid

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The Office of GA President