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by The Relief Office of Sargon Reman. . 24 reads.

Attorney General Creation Act


Founded January 15, 2016 - United December 25, 2016

Bill Details

Full Name: Attorney General Creation Act
Abbreviation: RL-018

Date: 07/09/2020
Brief Purpose: The law enables the creation and appointment of an Attorney General as FNRs chief prosecutor. The Attorney General is an entrusted government office that will pursue the prosecution of offenders within the judicial system to the full extent of the law.

Att. Gen. Creation Act., Attorney General Creation Act


ACKNOWLEDGING: that a designated government prosecutor is need to prosecute the criminal offenses of FNR for the public interest,

UNDERSTANDING: that without a public prosecutor there will be no effective enforcement of criminal law and other crucial laws may be rendered ineffective.

This piece of legislation hereby establishes the following:


  1. (1) The Office of the Attorney General is hereby established.

  2. (2) The President may nominate an individual to Attorney General at the commencement of every Presidential term, or make appointments based on a case by case basis as legal violations and legal questions arise. Nominees for Attorney General shall require approval of 2/3 majority vote of the legislature to assume office.

  3. (3) The office shall be declared vacant if the Attorney General:

    a. resigns;
    b. is no longer qualified to hold the Office under clause 9 or 10 of this Act;
    c. is impeached by a 2/3 majority vote in the legislature;
    d. is removed from office by the Court as a sentence for an offence; or
    e. is dismissed by the President;
    f. successfully complete their commission for which they were appointed.

  4. (4) It shall be lawful for the Attorney General, with due discretion, to appoint any person or persons to be their deputy or deputies, and in that capacity to exercise during their pleasure such powers, authorities and functions as they deem it necessary or expedient to delegate to them, subject to any limitations expressed by law; but the appointment of such a deputy or deputies shall not affect the exercise by the principal holder of any power, function or authority.

Qualifications of the Attorney General:

  1. (5) The Attorney General may not hold: the office of the President; Founder; or any position in the Judiciary.

  2. (6)Nominees shall be citizens of good moral character.

Responsibilities of the Attorney General:

  1. (7) The Attorney General shall be the default chief prosecutor for criminal cases in FNR, although the Attorney General may appoint an alternate prosecutor for a case, so long as the appointed prosecutor does not have a conflict of interest.

  2. (8) The Attorney General shall be the primary legal adviser to the President and the Cabinet as deemed necessary by the President.

Conflict of Interest:

  1. (9) Should a conflict of interest exist, the court shall appoint an alternate prosecutor.

  2. (10) The defendant in a criminal case may petition the court to determine whether a conflict of interest exists. On receiving such a petition, the court shall be obligated to investigate whether such a conflict of interest exists.

  3. (11) In the event that the Attorney General is the subject of a criminal case, the court must appoint an alternate prosecutor.

Proposed & Signed,
Sargon Reman
Minister of Defense