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Anti Mass Destruction Resolution: From Neos Eclipsis

Greetings and salutations Creatopians, this is the Defence Minister speaking. This dispatch is regarding our first ever regional resolution that was submitted by Neos Eclipsis and had gone through a vote between those who are at the power in Creatopia, it won a majority (5/9), where 5 voted For and 0 voted Against. The voters who voted For were: Fascist Nunavut, Greater Konkan, Greater Maldovia, MarinWorld and Renaia.

Here is the resolution:

Proposed ban on WMDs, Chemical Weapons, Bio Weapons, Nanoweapons, and All Consuming Weapons production and usage in combat.

Proposed by Neos Eclipsis

Article I.
Weapons of Mass Destruction, Chemical Weapons, Bioweapons, Nanoweapons, and All Consuming Weaponry at all means should not be allowed due to their damage to their surroundings,
For a weapon to be counted as a Weapon of Mass Destruction they must have these criteria;
A. Creates a large explosion or Anti-Matter Explosion that would decimate a entire city or ecosytem.
B. Expels radiation or a toxin after explosion and is extremely harmful.
C. Fits the criteria of Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Bombs.

For a weapon to be classified as a Chemical, Biological, or Gas Bomb;
A. Is harmful due to releasing a toxin on impact that has no regards for civilian or wildlife.
B. Releases a harmful virus.
C. Releases a toxic gas that induces serious injury or worse-case, death.

For a weapon to be classified as a Nanoweapon they;
A. Use nanotechnology to induce harm, destroy, or control any kind of civilian life.

For a weapon to be classified as all-consuming they;
A. Induces extreme fire as its main priority.
B. Its main usage is to spread fire, toxin, or disease through different means such as Black Napalm.

Horrified at the results if they are used,
Which all these weapons have no regards for human or animal life, and are used as its main purpose to kill and destroy,
Angered by the unfairness in war, whether aggression or defense, they should not be used due to their effect on Civil Life, and Wild Life, not to mention their effects on the environment, and so the weapons
Should not be at all used in war or produced, and should be banned.

This, from now on since 8th of July 2020, officially bans the usage and production of chemical weaponry, biological weaponry, nanoweapons and all consuming weaponry in combat in Creatopia.
This is the dispatch for today and you are free to talk about it in the regional board or the assembly board. Thank you for your cooperation, this is the Defence Minister of Creatopia; Fascist Nunavut, signing off.