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Assembly Mentorship Program Information Guide- Students


Welcome to the Assembly Mentorship Program, new legislator!

Now, I'm sure that, if you're signing up as a student to the AMP, that probably means you want to learn more about how the Assembly works, how our Regional Government works, and more.

Through the Assembly Mentorship Program, you will be paired with an experienced legislator who will be happy to answer any questions you may have, teach you things about regional history, teach you about our different government bodies, and more. Under their wing, you will learn to soar!

This program is a 4 month long program that ultimately aims to guide you through the purpose of the assembly, the Charter, the various laws, voting, and the branches of our goverrnment. It is my hope that you find your home in perhaps reviewing our laws and continually refine them, or perhaps you rise through the ranks of our regional military, or perhaps you work together to plan a fun festival for all TSPers, or maybe you find your fun being one of our ambassadors to our friends in other regions. Maybe one day you'll even find yourself in an elected position in our government!