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ICHR #05290620050720


The hebdomadal report for the week of 29 June 2020 - 5 July 2020 is as follows:


The Confederation maintains excellent efficiency, stability, and prosperity under our Emperor. Nothing of any major significance has occurred within our great region this past week, save for the passing of IS#13 The Government Act 2020. I am extremely pleased with the passing of this bill, as it sets forth directives for the Imperial Senate's government (directives that are, in my opinion, long overdue).

As always, I stand ready to serve my Emperor.

Hail the Confederation!

Sir Aleksandr Ivanov HCF
Mouth and Will of the Emperor
The Corporate Empire of Depackya


Senate affairs are well in order; meaningful legislation is being passed, and documented as necessary. I have resumed the practice of making posts on the Regional Message Board, and I shall shortly send out a region-wide telegram advertising the Senate.

I have also developed some ideas for the Party Funding program, and shall probably implement it in a few days. New parties may request aid from the Office of the Lord Overseer to help establish themselves. This will include assistance with grammar or spelling regarding factbooks and a mention on the RMB to gain recognition. Minor parties may also receive modest funds from my office during an election season, however this will only be provided if the party in question has a candidate in the race. I look forward to refining this, and it will hopefully encourage greater political diversity and activity within the Senate.

Hail the Confederation!

Sir Victor Watson HCS
Lord Overseer of the Imperial Senate
The Grand Empire of West Heisen


As with previous reports from the Ministry of Home Affairs, all is as it should be within the Confederation. No threats to its security, internal, external or otherwise have been identified.

Hail the Confederation!

Sir Edward Mason II HCS
Lord Director of the Ministry of Home Affairs
The Imperial Khanate of Khanbaliq Mongolia


The report for this week will be kept brief, as there is little of significance to discuss. Ministry resources were mainly dictated to the lengthy process of performing cursory checks on all Confederation embassy regions, to ensure that the high standards we set for both ourselves and our allies are being maintained. On a larger scale, Confederation interregional activity remains consistently monitored, and safely initiated. I am confident that this slow build up of allies and supporters will pay dividends in the future, rather than a hasty and poorly planned embassy rush many regions have been prone to do in the past.

Hail the Confederation!

Sir Hunteth Veredon HCF
Lord Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Corporate Dystopia of Valerox