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RolePlay Rules

Article l SA Levels:

Can't access space even with the help of someone else.

Can access space with the help of someone else but can't make colonies or extract resources.
Can make robotic arms/legs

Can access space alone in bad quality ships
Can make small mining colonies
Can make remotely controlled robots
Can make really basic AIs

Can make medium-sized colonies
Can have better quality ships
Can Paraterraform with the help of more advanced nations
Can make robots that control themselves
Can make basic Ais
Can make low power laser beams

Can make big colonies
Can make great quality Ships
Can terraform with the help of more advanced nations
Can Paraterraform
Can travel to other solar systems
Can make medium complexity AIs
Can Make high power laser beams

Can make gigantic colonies
Can make excellent quality ships
Can terraform
Can make high complexity AIs
Can make plasma canons

Can travel to other galaxies
Can make cutting edge quality of ships
Can make AIs so intelligent that it's scary


All of the above plus some things you imagine, invisibility, amortality (it's like immortality but you can still die from things like bullets, plane crashes, poison, etc,) levitation, hyperdrives, etc, but no army of the undead, please.

Nations can only claim 1 planet/moon/asteroid per week! No claiming of whole solar systems galaxies, constellations, groups of stars, etc, to bypass this rule!

Footnote: If you want to make some things that aren't on the list but could be with lower-tech levels you don't have to wait to have higher than 450 SA, for example, you want to make very powerful magnets, you could make that in the level of 140-200 SA, things like that so don't feel limited by what this factbook says.

Article 2 GDP and government funds:

i) Your GDP and government funds are the amounts NationStates says but they can increase or decrease depending on the actions you take.
a. You can increase your government funding by selling things to other nations.
b. You can decrease your government funds by buying things from other nations.
c. You can two or more nation's GDPs by making a trade pact, and as a result, your government funds.
d. You can also increase your GDP by making projects that can be very profitable like mining on other planets.
ii) Be realistic with the things your nation builds with the government funds you have.

Article 3 Currency Exchange:

Here we use a standard called the Pax Standard (Like the Gold standard) different levels of economy have different exchange rates:

Frightening: 1.60:1
All-Consuming: 1.50:1
Powerhouse: 1.30:1
Thriving: 1:1.10
Very Strong 1:1.40
Strong: 1:1.60
Good: 1:1.80
Fair: 1:2.10
Developing: 1:4.20
Struggling: 1:8.30
Weak: 1:12.00
Fragile: 1:18.40
Basket Case: 1:23.60
Imploded: 1:31.20

From this, you exchange to the other nation's currency and there you have you're exchange rate.
Footnote: The number that appears in the front is the Pax Standard, the second number is you're nation's currency.