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More companies mean more competition. Competition is bad for business.

Shikito has a proud tradition of "Zaibatsu" enormous, family-owned business conglomerates, passed down from generations. Though some competition remains, both between Zaibatsu and a few medium-sized enterprises that are either innovative enough to survive, well-connected and essential, or protected by the judicial branch, the corporate landscape is noticeably barren of medium-sized business.

Entrepreneurship is both socially and governmentally encouraged, and successful entrepreneurs are seen as risking everything to create value ("Service over Self"). However, these business, except for specialized and small retail, are usually short-lived: either being scooped up by a large Zaibatsu to fuel the ever-growing need for innovation and talented young people, or failing.
It is a great risk, but the rewards are equally great: being bought by a Zaibatsu not only ensures a handsome payday, but almost guarantees a secure, well-paid, high-level position. On the other hand, a failed business is costly, but not shameful: only through failure can one learn, and perhaps succeed one day.

Will you take the risk?