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The Hartfelden - Caer Sidi treaty

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Both the Diarchy of Caer Sidi and Des Kaiserreichs von Hartfelden so hereby enter into the following treaty with good faith.

Section 1. Treaty Provisions

1. For this treaty to go into effect, it shall be ratified by the duly authorised government of both regions.
2. If either region wishes to make an amendment to the treaty, the amendment must be ratified by the authorised government bodies of both regions before the amendment may take effect.
3. This treaty does not require renewal, however, if either region wishes to terminate the treaty for any reason they must:
3.1. Give seven days notice to the leading member(s) of government of the other region.
4. Termination of this treaty shall not be seen as an act of war or hostility in any way.

Section 2. Diplomacy and Culture

1. Caer Sidi will recognize and support only the legitimate government of Hartfelden, as determined by the Constitution.
2. Hartfelden will recognize only the legitimate government of Caer Sidi as outlined by the Constitution of Caer Sidi.
3. Each region shall prepare a designated embassy for the other region whether it be forum, discord, or both, as well as assign an emissary to deliver foreign updates.
4. Each region shall endeavor to participate and host joint cultural activities not limited to such things as regional game nights, festivals, and role plays.

Section 3 - Non Aggression

1. Neither Caer Sidi nor Hartfelden shall conduct military operations against one another or either regions territories, colonies, or other controlled regions or offsite property, or directly or indirectly support military operations against each other.
2. If either region has military action against them, both regions agree to provide as much reasonable military support as soon as possible.
3. Section 3, subsection 2 does not apply when the military action in question is conducted by an ally of the region who is asked for support.
4. Military actions such as tagging or detagging previous targets held by the opposite region as well as being part of tag chases during major and minor update shall not be interpreted as hostile actions towards the other region.

The Empire of Hartfelden