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Government-Enforced Monopolies

There are certain industries and markets within the region in which the government have complete control over. At least 10% of the tax revenue goes to those subsidiaries.

Computers & Electronics
Competition for those industries is entirely banned within Crinadia and as such, only the government subsidiaries are allowed to manufacture and sell TVs and computers, out of fear for 'incompetent companies' who can make products that will fail.

LCD and LED TVs are banned within Crinadia so only CRT TVs are permitted. To compensate for this, all modern CRT TVs have a more streamlined design while supporting widescreen 1080i resolution and HDMI, and digital signals. Those TVs do not have any form of censorship chips implemented. The TV sets also have backwards compatibility with VGA. Each TV set is sold for 1000 credits (100 US$ equivalent) which in the eyes of citizens are quite cheap.

AMD CPUs and GPUs are banned in PC manufacturing, only Intel CPUs and Nvidia GPUs are permitted. Windows-based PCs are permitted, Mac OS is banned.

Only CrinBerry phones are permitted within Crinadia and the phones are built to last. Those phones run the latest version of Android and feature at least 256GB of storage, 16GB of RAM and cutting-edge graphics.

Transport & Infrastructure
Competition in market of public transportation is banned and only government-provided public transport system is permitted. Transports are free for the public to use and the workers are paid in fair wage.

Water, electricity, and gas infrastructures are also under strict control by the government, completely stamping out any potential competition under the threat of cease & desist. Luckily those infrastructures are free for the consumers but if excess usage is detected, the citizens may be billed for any overuse.