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Kohhih Kappu's Economy

The economy of Kohhih Kappu is supported by ripoffs of Japanese products and fishing. Terribly made manga are sold to other countries, and pen names are used in order to make the manga seem more Japanese. Almost every resident is an ďartistĒ or an artist-in-training. The residents attempt to make anime and other merchandise as well, especially cosplay and wigs. Anyway, the people of Kohhih Kappu are not very wealthy since their terrible products donít sell very well. Those without a job selling art are probably working as illegal hackers. The government doesnít step in for this but encourages hackers to hand over a bit of money. Residents have a 86.5% income tax rate. Despite the tax rate, there isnít much room for spending. Electricity and other necessities are stolen from Japan.

The kouka is a crappy currency which might as well not be used. Most residents just trade useful items for useful items; itís a tight-nit community that knows whatís needed. (For example, an inking pen for twenty sheets of copy paper.)