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Thaecia This Week! #2

Thaecia This Week!

Your Weekly Newspaper!

Executive News:

Presidential Snap Elections starting
Following a surprising situation in which President-elect Xernon was ejected from the WA (alongside 8 other nations), Thaecia is in need of a new President. As of the 6th July, there are two candidates running for the position as Head of State, The Marconian State and Snowflame. In what will be a very interesting election between two experienced Thaecians, both candidates have received support from citizens over the last few days, and that looks set to continue. Snowflame is also running with Fishergate as the Vice-President selection due to WA-waivers.

Korsinia's Cabinet beginning to take shape
Korsinia has begun selecting their cabinet for the upcoming term, and so far, has publicly selected two ministers already (one is awaiting HoC confirmation). The two selections have been Titanne for Education Minister and The Bigtopia for Foreign Affairs Minister. Both selections are trusted and experienced in Thaecia and look destined to be confirmed by the HoC. The PM has yet to announce any other selections, but looks set to soon after revealing that there was a decent amount of nations who had applied. As well as continuing with PM duties, PM Kors has stepped in to be Interim WA Delegate while a new President is being elected, and has been quite busy recently.

Legislative News:

Marv elected to Senate Chair as the Senate increases activity
Senator Marvinville was narrowly elected to Chair and has proceeded with Senate business over the last week. Under Chairman Marv, the Senate has confirmed two new Associate Justices, Broustan and Cerdenia in quick timing and has now proceeded to debates on Legal Code amendments. Despite the Chair helping increase the efficiency, Senators Brototh, Andusre and Islonia have been busy writing effective bills to be debated on soon, helping to increase Senate activity in the future. The Senate has shown a lot activity and has potential to have a ground-breaking four months.

Zanaana re-elected as Speaker as cabinet confirmations begin
MP Zanaana has been re-elected as Speaker of the House for a second consecutive term and managed to sneak in a bill to debate on before turning to cabinet confirmations. Speaker Zan did face competitors but managed to secure the position nonetheless. So far, the House has passed amendments to LR.009 The Recall of Elected Representatives Act and is in the process of confirming Titanne as EM. Despite a slow start, the House seems to be getting into its stride and looks to achieve the successes of the previous term.

Other News:

Overreaction to Impersonation Issue
Last week, a few hours before Xernon was ejected from the WA, MP The Peoples Caribbean Union founded two nations impersonating the outgoing President Titanne and the then President-elect Xernon. The nations were immediately ejected and the moderators revealed that MP PCU was the nation behind it. Despite calls for a resignation, PCU stayed in their position. Unfortunately, Atopless (who won't be pinged) overreacted filling the RMB with posts describing PCU as a 'traitor'. After heated arguments it was eventually resolved, unfortunately at the expense of a few RMB pages. (Please note that this situation has been resolved, and we are only describing it for news purposes. Please do not bring this issue up, because it would be unnecessary to do so.)

Thaecast to continue
Last week we reported on the debut of Thaecia's first podcast, called Thaecast. This week, it was revealed by Andusre that the podcast will hold a second episode on the 11th July. While no one was revealed to be taking part, many are excited for the next episode. Thaecast looks like it is here to stay, and many are happy with this.

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