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10K Bank Transfer, 200K Drop, and a Successful TNP Pull Event - Card News, edition 6

10000 Bank Transfer, 200K Drop, and a Successful TNP Pull Event

July 5, 2020

Card News, edition 6

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Containerise: Efficient Card Farming by Racoda
How to earn Cards' money fast using puppets by Queen Yuno
The 6 Ws of TCALS - Part 1 by Noahs Second Country
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Cards Based Competitions
The first ever Card Olympics by 9003 - Gold: Racoda, Feu de Glacex2. Silver: Noahs Second Country, Racoda. Bronze: SherpDaWerp, 9003
2nd Card Olympic Games! by 9003 - Winners: Dr Hooves, Noahs Second Country, Giovanniland, Jasminlandia, Ransium, Recuecn
The Card Olympics Game #3! The April Games by 9003 - Winner: Noahs Second Country
4th monthly Olympic games Over 3,000 DV in prizes by 9003 - Winners: One Small Island, Noahs Second Country, Portsville, Fauzjhia, Mediobogdum, Oofery
The Monthly Card Collection Competition (Win a Legendary!) by Praeceps - Winners: Koskalherria, Aerilia, The Lovebirds, The Sands Casino, Kyskalherria, Rice Insunx2, Sleazy Pigeonx2
5th Olympic games! Now with duos and a way to triple prizes! by 9003 - Winners: Noahs Second Country/Giovanniland x3, All Wild Things
Nationstates Trading Card Hunger Games - First Run! by Harmonic Empire - Winner: Koem Kab
Nationstates Trading Card Hunger Games - Second Run! by Harmonic Empire - Winner: The Bigtopia
Nationstates Trading Card Hunger Games - Third Run! by Harmonic Empire - Winner: Reformed Capitalist Scotland
Nationstates Trading Card Hunger Games - Fourth Run Report by Harmonic Empire - Winner: Castelia, Reformed Capitalist Scotland

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LinkGardener Highlighter by Racoda
LinkGuild Highlighter by Racoda
LinkTransfer Cleanup by SherpDaWerp
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LinkRCES Suite - All of Racoda's work in 1 place by Racoda
LinkDeal Finder by 9003
Gold Retriever by Valentine Z
LinkLink to Containerise

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last updated 6/17/2020

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Luna Amore Crashes 200K

Luna’s deck value graph

After dethroning Koem Kab for a brief period, Luna Amore has crashed their deck intentionally through the deflation of Misplaced States and Aki Zeta, dropping 200k in deck value, from 202,531 all the way to 1610. The deflation was achieved by selling 10 copies at a low price, resetting the MV entirely. When questioned as to why, Luna simply said “The best part of a roller coaster is the drop.” This is the new record for the largest single day drop, and it is also notable that Luna Amore holds the record for the largest single day gain, at 86K. Those are some impressive numbers, and they will likely stand for a long time. Since the drop, Luna has hit 100 copies of Aki Zeta and has inflated it to around 90.

Various Technical Changes Implemented

A mass copy transfer, the root cause of the issue

Ballotonia has announced a few key changes to cards. First of all, after Honeydewistania pointed out that Kortza was not issued the correct badge after their issue was published, Ballotonia manually updated their card from an uncommon to an ultra-rare card. As a result, the card data dump was updated despite being recently updated to fix similar problems. This also means that deleted cards have been removed, and the cards queries page has been updated to account for these changes. Additionally, the API was updated to allow for searching of a nation's asks/bids as well as their current collections. The former was also implemented into The Northern Light’s card queries, and these changes have already proven to be very useful for users throughout the game.

TNP June Event a Major Success

The finds history of Ramaeus

Despite being overshadowed by the Card Raid in the May Pull Event, The North Pacific Cards Guild moved forward with their June pull event. During the nomination process, it seemed as if The Dark System S2 was going to be voted in, however, as a result of N00027 crashing the card, many nominations were changed, eventually settling on the recently CTEd Ramaeus S2 card and Flag Thief S1. Both of these cards belonged to influential players that have since ceased to exist. There was a level of uncertainty surrounding the event, as many wondered whether the event would be hijacked again, or worse, blocked entirely by a rogue defense attempt. Luckily, neither of these events happened, and more than 30 unique traders pulled at least 1 of the 2 cards, making it a highly successful event. Additionally, neither card crashed significantly, which is always nice to see after a pull event.

Cards Bug Breaks the Game

A mass copy transfer, the root cause of the issue

After starting a mass copy transfer as usual, Noahs Second Country noticed that whenever they clicked on their cards page, other users would complain about the game briefly being unplayable for a brief period, and the loading time was quite long. While at first believed to be a coincidence, it became increasingly clear that this page was causing problems in gameplay operations, farming, and everything else. Furthermore, other users could trigger the issue by clicking on the link. Luckily, the bug was quickly patched out by Ballotonia, but it still caused quite a bit of temporary chaos throughout NS.

Olympics 5 Ends
9003’s Olympics ended in controversy as the duo of Noahs Second Country and Giovanniland won 3 of 4 categories while also triggering the triple prize bonus, with All Wild Things winning the last category. Overall, Gio/Noah found more than 2000 ripple cards, 3100 commons, and nearly 200 epics, easily winning their respective categories. However, many opponents have called the tactics employed into question, as the duo ran a pull event in order to pull copies of Sionis Prioratus on their Olympic puppets, enabling them to gain 200 additional bank. As a result, Noah redistributed their prizes to other competitors, and has refrained from participating in future editions of the Olympics. Regardless, congratulations to all of the winners!

To respond to some of the issues, 9003 has updated the rules for Olympics 6, banning sales of more than 30 bank and explicitly disallowing pull event participation from Olympic puppets if they are not run by puppets. Good luck to all competitors of Olympics #6! See the leaderboards here, courtesy of Racoda:

Last update: 2020-08-01 05:05:18 UTC








S1 cards

Class cards


bank and jv

The Cosmic Mainframe











All Wild Things

































Smiley Bob

































Animu Place






















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CDA Conducts Another Successful Defense
The Card Defenders Alliance has conducted another successful operation, as a result of Giovanniland’s market watching skills. A Testlandia pull event was deemed a complete bust, despite more than 60 bids. Giovanniland now leads the CDA in total defenses. Additionally, Big Farma has posted a dispatch clarifying the mission of the CDA and listing membership, roles, and an FAQ for those interested:

CDA is more than anything a loose alliance of people working towards either protecting their assets, mutual gain from their counterparts, or beating Big Farma.

Here's the current structure of the organization, which I totally didn't make up right now

CDA is a 2 way street, meaning that to benefit from the organization you must execute at least 1 card defense before you are protected from the actions of other CDA members.

Once this requirement is met, other CDA members are not allowed to heist or defend against another member.

Currently this is the list of nations that either have embassies with the CDA or a puppet in CDA. If you would like to be removed from this list, TG Big Farma.

N00027 - Appointed to the "leader" position. Has executed 1 successful defense.

Noahs Second Country - Second in command. Has executed 1 successful defense.

Giovanniland - By request, promoted to "General". Has executed 2 successful defenses.

Debussy - Has an embassy.

Westinor - Has an embassy.

Destructive Government Economic System - Embassy and puppet DGES.

Refuge If She Were a Defender(I'm under the assumption this is a puppet of Refuge Isle, but this needs confirmation) - Quoted directly: "officer on the grounds of B-tier h*ckposting"

The Legendary Card - A puppet, though I'm not sure who it is. TG me.

Vylixan - Embassy

Virgolia - Embassy

Some common questions:

Q: This organization seems totally corrupt???? Noah you hypocrite!!!!

A: Yes

Q: Why did you block my pull event?

A: Sorry, join the CDA I guess

Q: Isn't this just the TNP Guild?

A: Yes, but we are independent rather than tied to a region. There is really no downside to joining us here besides the temporary anger of other players who had their event blocked.

Q: When should I defend?

A: Use your own judgement. Some events are more harmful than others, though I would not recommend blocking any regional events or pull events on low rarity CTE cards.

Q: I want a rank!

A: Just ask for one. It's not like they really mean anything as of right now.

Q: This dispatch sucks!

A: As of writing this sentence, I have spent a grand total of 5 minutes typing it. Volunteer for the PR position that I just made up if you want to make it better.

Depending on future changes to TCALS, the CDA may be disbanded if car/d is no longer possible.

Read dispatch

Noahs Second Country Breaks 2 Records

The trades history of -ii, the transfer card in question

Noahs Second Country has recently broken 2 records, one for the most trades on a single card, and one for the highest transaction ever recorded. In the first, the card -ii reached 6,487 trades, surpassing the previous record set by Refuge Isle using the S1 card of Tiradella. As a result of Noah’s mass copy transfer strategy, the trades graph is also quite interesting, featuring dozens of pikes and dots at different values. For the second record, Noahs Second Country amassed more than 10000 bank in order to test the upper limits of the bidding system. It was determined that 10000 is the maximum possible bid, and Noah later transferred this bank on the card Death and Killing Tactics 3, instantly pushing the MV to a clean 1000, enough for second on the overall leaderboard. This is the largest ever transfer, and impossible to beat, with the closest being multiple transfers between 7 and 8 thousand bank conducted by Koem Kab.

We’re a little TEAPOT
Written by Evrigenis
Within TEP, interest in NS trading cards has been brewing for several months, and it has found its culmination in The Eastern Association of Pacifican Ornamentation Traders (TEAPOT). The new body has struck out from existing cards organizations by deciding to be independent of regional government while simultaneously being the region’s official cards association. In addition to being able to sign up on the East Pacific’s regional forums, residents can apply by pinging The East Pacific Tea Company on the regional message board or telegramming that nation with the pledge to abide by the Charter. The full text of the Charter is available Linkhere.

How did the tea come to be?
On the 6th of June, the Vizier and Arbiter Goose Zukchiva fielded the idea to make the Association official. They then promptly wrote the first draft of what was to become the Charter. This spurred on many questions about what the foundling organization was to look like: Would it be part of the government or independent? How should leadership be structured? While the legislative debate was developing, another important question was asked: What should it be named? Feu de Glace, also known as Sakana, CAME UP with the current name to hearty approval. Rateafication on the 13th was unanimous. Thus, The Eastern Association of Pacifican Ornamentation Traders was born.

Who serves the communitea?
In the wake of the Delegate election, the cards community held its own tea party leadership contest. Nominations were plenteaful; however, the election boiled down to former Overseeing Officer of EPSA, current Minister of Regional Affairs, Feu de Glace/Sakana and Deputy MoIC and cards enthusiast Evrigenis/y0. The campaigns focused on Linkwho the Steward should be and Linkhow the Association would strengthen TEP’s communitea, respectively. Both campaigns were well received, and on the first day after voting was opened, “abstain” led. In the final analysis, the results were 3 abstensions to 3 votes for Sakana to 4 votes for y0. With y0 taking a sliver of a lead, they became Steward. The full voting record can be viewed Linkhere.

How tea get started?
Evrigenis’ first action as Steward was to appoint Feu de Glace as Deputy Steward. y0 also set up the beginnings of the structure for the TEAPOT, going through with their campaign promises to hold a contest for a new official card storage nation, open a heisting reports thread, and accept new members. What’s next? We’ll soon find out!

Originally published in The Eastern Pacific News Service’s June Edition. Edited and republished with permission.

The TCALS Debate Reopens with Changes Imminent
Ballotonia recently announced that in light of recent events, changes will be made to what is known as the ‘Trading Cards Anti-Laundering Service’, the mechanic behind pull events. With this announcement, many nations have clarified or changed their stance on the topic. In an attempt to remain unbiased on the subject, here are some copy-pasted responses from the thread, which can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=485209
Here is some clarification on the subject, for those unaware:

Hi, Noahs Second Country here. A lot of people are confused as to what TCALS, pull events, etc. is all about. I hope to cover some common questions in this two part dispatch.

TCALS (Not to be confused with TCALC) stands for at least one of the following:

The Cards Anti-Laundering System
Trading Cards Anti-Laundering System
Trading Cards Anti-Laundering Service
The Cards Anti-Laundering Service

For clarity, I personally use Trading Cards Anti-Laundering System. It is a system that increases the probability of a card being pulled when certain conditions are met. It has more recently been utilized to duplicate cards through pull events.

A pull event occurs when a card is put at auction and people open as many stored packs as they can in an attempt to pull the card during this time of increased pull odds*.

*Note that the presence of the auction does not necessarily mean the the card is more likely to be pulled - more on that in part 2
The… marketplace?


The Trading Cards Anti-Laundering System was, in the words of Ballotonia, “put in place to make transferring value from puppets to main nations more difficult, the idea being that heisting would be more likely this way and thus making transferring value more costly..” Ballotonia also claims “ The concern was it being too easy to transfer value. Note that the gift system (paying junk value) was implemented at the same time, so it is clear to me that some level of value transfer was deemed OK in the design at that time.”

In other words, transfers, even on a low owner card, still have some inherent level of risk to them. This is why mass copy transfer cards like this one have so many copies. Since they are traded often, TCALS produces more copies over time.

Who uses TCALS? At this point, most card players have been affected by the impacts of this system, whether it is through deflation, heists, etc.. Transfers between nations are essential to farming, even on a small scale, though they can be a daunting task as a result. Have you ever noticed that someone inevitably pulls the 1 owner card you are transferring 3 bank on? It’s not a coincidence. Furthermore, with TCALS being utilized for card duplication purposes, multiple widespread effects have been observed, including:
  • Pulling the card itself, which is a boost to DV, can be sold for bank, etc.. Since we cannot control who pulls the card, this can happen to anyone at the right time.

  • In many cases, card crashes. Due to the nature of supply/demand, many people may try to sell off their newfound wealth, overwhelming the demand significantly. The additional copies can also be used maliciously, as seen through the actions of Leto and others.

  • The duplicated copies are circulated throughout in trades or direct sales, in exchange for bank and other cards not associated with TCALS at all. For example, Noahs Second Country traded 30 legendary cards for a copy of Soops when it was still valuable.

  • Through unnoticed, impromptu pull events nations may be able to increase or create a monopoly on a card. For example, N00027 generated 2 additional copies of Altmer Dominion a while back, now they are the farmer with the most copies of the card.

  • And of course, TCALS has shifted card culture in itself. Farmers try to always have packs allocated for pull events at any moment, and when notable cards go up farmers are often seen spam opening packs in an attempt to get the card. Not to mention the drama stirred up by differences of opinion over events like the Pergamon Pull Event, TBH Card Raid, and more.

TCALS was implemented very early in cards following the April Fool’s event. TNP started doing pull events without bidding, but perhaps the most important date in this timeline is in late March of 2020, where Recuecn made the following observation in the Cards Discord:
perg: last bid change, 39 minutes ago. Last find: 39 minutes ago.
OT: last bid change, 38 minutes ago. Last find: 32 minutes ago.

September 29, 2019: Pergamon is found while being sold for 1000
January 26th, 2020: TNP’s pull event on NASTIC 2
February 23, 2020: TNP event with HMS Unicorn and NERVUN S2
March 29, 2020: TNP event with Pergamon and Old Tyrannia S2
April 10, 2020: Week long Valentine Z auction comes to an end
April 17, 2020: Pull Event on NERVUN
April 20, 2020: Noahs Second Country pull event on Anime Daisuki
April 26, 2020: TNP event with Escade S2 and Soops S1
April 26, 2020: Feu de Glace, Refuge Isle, 9003 pull event on Pergamon and Mindless Contempt
May 5, 2020: Leto pull event on Mindless Contempt
May 6, 2020: Noahs Second Country pull event on Noahania, Noahs Second Country S1, Giovanniland adds Giovanniland
May 10, 2020: TNL pull event on Abacathea S2
May 11, 2020: Noahs Second Country event on NERVUN S2
May 18, 2020: Noahs Second Country event on Seanat
May 24, 2020: TEP Pull Event with 1 Infinite Loop. 10KI Adds Wordy and Gluuland, Noahs Second Country adds Noahs Second Country and Giovanniland adds Giovanniland
May 27, 2020: N0027 event on Altmer Dominion
May 31, 2020: TNP event with Solorni, Testlandia S2, Anime Daisuki. 10000 Islands adds Alkasia and Kozmix, Noahs Second Country adds Legendary Cards.
May 31, 2020: During the TNP event, TBH adds Testlandia S1, Old Tyrannia S2, Testlandia S1, TGU News, Frattastan II, Soops, HMS Unicorn, Tupelope, Queen Yuno S2.

This is the biggest question, and we can investigate this by looking towards various events. There are clearly multiple variables that go into this… and I will attempt to explain some conclusions we can make in part 2 of this dispatch, to be titled “Mythbusting with TCALS” sometime in the near future.

Read dispatch

The Northern Light
If anything, the way the anti-laundering system has been used since it was first reported has reinforced my views:

1) The bidding mechanic overwhelmingly favors players with big card farms, who are best positioned to freely create arbitrary amounts of copies of any card they want, with minimal risk.

2) Price correction generally does not work. It has happened for some cards (the top few epics), but high-value legendaries that are being spawned in copious amounts remain just as expensive as before. Even when the price of a card does drop, having vast amounts of copies of the, now lower-valued, card still results in deck value increases. What's even worse is that the many lower-valued copies tend to concentrate in the decks of very few players, who are then free to drive the price up to its previous levels. Finally, in certain cases where a pull event is organized to attack the value of a card, players that own multiple copies of the card can "block" the spawning of new copies by simply placing some random common card on the market at the same time.

3) As the numerous transfers of large amounts of bank show, this mechanic is not effective against bank transfers.


I have two proposals for how to change the system:

a) This is what I had proposed in my original post: Remove the bid mechanic, and change the system so that cards that are on auction simply have higher odds of being spawned in packs that open during the auction, independently of the number of bids placed on the card. The odds could be set so that about 1 copy would spawn for every 1000 packs opened---this number is certainly not set in stone, it's simply my own crude estimate of the spawn rate we had in regularly-attended pull events before the bid mechanic was discovered. Other factors that currently affect spawn rate (people suspect that the auction price is one of them) can remain in place. [EDIT: See also here for another advantage of this proposal.]

b) Change packs so that their contents are determined when the pack is created (i.e., when the nation answered the issue that created the pack), and not when the pack is opened. This would make pull events a lot less effective, as people would no longer be able to stockpile essentially arbitrary numbers of packs, in order to open them while a specific card is on auction. Additionally, participating in a pull event would require answering issues (and potentially creating new nations to get more issues) on top of opening packs, making the whole process a lot more tedious.

To offer some statistics in support of proposal (b): Currently, I do "private" (i.e., not advertised, so that they only benefit me) pull events, where I open 3000 packs across 1000 puppets, to spawn extra copies of two cards that I constantly bid on. The whole affair takes me about two hours, and I generate about 20-24 copies total (10-12 for each card).

If proposal (b) was implemented, the same event would now take me at least eight hours, given that I'd need to answer five issues for each of my 1000 puppets. During that, I would only be able to open 800 packs new packs, bringing the number of copies I spawn down to 5-6. All in all, I would need to work for 300% extra the time to get only 25% the number of cards.

Noahs Second Country:
1. Pull events/TCALS as both an anti-inflation mechanism and a card duplication mechanism can be combated with 10 bank and 3 commons - though perhaps the problem is that people are unwilling to try and stop them?

2. Removing mechanics deemed 'harmful' by a vocal minority of cards players is kind of pointless and not necessarily healthy to the game either. Mechanics like TCALS and inflation create new ways to play the game (at least for those who play for MV) beyond simply doing the same monotonous farming and buying legendary cards process over and over again. It has become more and more clear to me that the community really only wants to have one way to play this game - as seen by the unreasonable dislike of players such as Farrakhan, Timao, and Refuge for the way that they play the game.

3. The market is completely public and anyone can theoretically join in on the pull event fun... even the 'private' pull events.

4. My conclusion is the following: People will always find a way to exploit the system. People can adapt to whatever meta shift comes there way - heck, even Koem Kab has started doing pull events. The system is fair.

I'm old and have not been able to understand the use of scripts or API or whatever the name the tools are that you yung'uns talk about meaning every issue and puppet and junking is done one by one by me. It takes tons of work. TCALS has become a short-cut to obtain higher value cards. I like it when I have a chance to participate such as pull events. I don't care for it much when players are able to to manipulate the system when vast numbers of players are not online. Regardless of what fixes are put into place, players will find an opportunity to take advantage of any changes that are made. I just try to keep up.

Based on that, I think we could 1) implement a nerfed version of the current system with bidding increasing pull probability 2) reset the MV to JV and 3) add a new census stat: Gallery Size. 1) would allow new farmers to continue to benefit from pull events, while the probability boost could decrease at an increasing rate as a function of number of bids (if that’s unclear, think about the graph of 1/x). 2) lets the free market reign as we see which prices people actually trade at. 3) incentivizes other forms of play, and helps people remember that DV is not the end-all-and-be-all of this game (I personally think the object is to have fun and be a good community member, but that’s not quantifiable for a stat XD).

I think everyone crowing about how effective TCALS would become if card rarity were more of a factor are sorely mistaken. My transfer card (linked to in OP) has ~50 owners when all copies I have are on a single nation. I think many other well used transfer cards are similar. Lots of people for whatever reason don’t sell transfer cards they farm.

It also means that if S3 has a card like Nerv or OT and a big farmer gets their hands on it early they could effectively monopolize the card if they were smart. For example, they could hold their own person pull event at some odd hour of the night and then (if owners not copies was a factor that heavily impacted odds) distributing copies to pups. I think all your suggestions trying to keep pull events alive but trying to mitigate too much manipulation are misguided. Pull events are manipulation. It just so happens that they are publicized manipulation. Any mechanic allowing pull event manipulation of pull odds can almost certainly be exploited far more effectively by a single or small group of players privately holding pull events when others don’t dilute their odds.

Trader Spotlight
Elegarth is another well known member of the card community, and definitely one of the more experienced ones on the scene. Card News was able to obtain this interview which helps to explain their intentions and perspective on cards as a whole.

Interview with Elegarth
Interview conducted by The Unified Missourtama States. Note that it is more than a month old, and answers are subject to change
Q: What brought you to collecting cards, and what is keeping you collecting?
For April's Fools a couple of years ago, I was basically retired. So much, that only one of my main series of puppets was alive - which is also why there is only one Elegarth card in S1. I like collecting cards, in general. Probably because of my background as a Magic: The Gathering player. And I also like collecting sticker albums - like Panini's World Cup album of stickers. So when, in that April's Fools, the Card came out, they totally drew me into them, and my sense of "collections" pulled me to them. I tried to collect during the event as many cards as I could, and I was really excited about the cards coming back for good. Once they did, I could just continue! But I was very slow in the uptake, and didn't even started farming until months later, as I only had a few nations :p
The fact that there are new seasons of cards, and that collecting is a challenge, is what keeps me doing it!

Q: How do you feel the card community is changing? is it getting better or worse?
Well, the cards have grown, and that is awesome. The S1 cards community was mostly ruled by a small group of players with a lot of what I call "puppet power". However, farming has become more widespread, more and more players with very decent farming abilities are now fully integrated, and I believe that has helped the community improve. More people = more trading = more cards moving everywhere, hence, the easiest it becomes to collect.

Q: Many small cards players like to maintain the idea of large farmers (such as you) as villains, do you agree, do you like this perception?
I understand them: is what I originally felt when I realized the reason my small 10 nations weren't making a big collection, is because there were already players with hundreds and thousands of puppets. So, while I don't AGREE with them, I understand how they feel and why they feel that way. I was there too.
The best thing I could tell them is that farming is in and by itself a whole aspect of this game now, like RPing, WA authoring and SC authoring. And people who want to involve themselves with them, will always find people in the NS community willing to help, guide and teach them. Some of the most useful tools for card farming are available to anyone. Is just putting in the effort into it like other players do in other aspects of the larger NS game.

Q: What is your favorite card?
My own from S1 :p As I said, I had only ONE nation alive for the S1 deadline, and hence, even tho some of my puppets have lived for years and years in the NS Verse, the S1 Elegarth is special because of that.

Q: What is your favorite collection? Why?
Giovanniland's TWP Collection! It is a collection truly done and gathered with the heart. It MEANS something. Hence, it's my favorite.

Q: What advice do you have for others in the card community? (Both spiritually and technically)
Don't give up! Collections are hard, but they are always worth the time you put in them. Also, join the Card's Discord, engage with the community, learn. It will all be easier!

Thank you Elegarth for your participation! If you would like to be interviewed or you would like to request an interview, please telegram Noahs Second Country for more information.

Collection Spotlight
By Giovanniland - forum thread

A few notable collections have come to attention recently. This edition, we'll focus on regional collections - check them out!

The Pacific: By new collector Vylixan, it already groups over 200 cards from both seasons! There are over 6,000 cards from The Pacific in both seasons, but nevertheless this collection is surely off to a good start.

Lazarus Season 1 and Season 2: Another collection from a Game-Created Region, this time Lazarus! Debussy has collected 1,800 Lazarene cards already, including the sole legendary within the region. With a great amount of bank, the collection has potential to grow even more.

Spiritus Season 1 and Season 2: Here's a recently completed regional collection by The Salaxalans. It is surely a large collection, and full of potatoes!

The North Pacific S1: Although not a completed collection (lacking only 5 of 1,738 cards), it's the largest season 1 regional collection - funded by one of the largest card farming puppet squads in the world. Full of legendaries and other high-valued cards, it definitely represents the largest region of NationStates.

New Publications
A few cards releases/events have occurred over the past week:

The Monthly Snapshot 2 - A project spearheaded by Destructive Government Economic System on behalf of the North Pacific Cards Guild, with contributions from Praeceps, Noahs Second Country and others. This features many notable events from April-May, including market analysis, which is not currently covered by Card News. Check it out!

TWP Trading Card Introduction by Recuecn and Giovanniland - Another regional guide targeted towards beginners to cards, with contributions from Mediobogdum and The Unified Missourtama States.

The Card News Index by Noahs Second Country - A complete list of Card News resources, articles, competitions, and more.

The Rejected Times Issue LVIII by - While not strictly a cards publication, this features an extremely misleading entertaining opinion article written by Bormiar

If any card literature comes to your attention, please let us know by TGing Noahs Second Country

Random Article (do not take this seriously, I am being held against my will)
Article created at the request of Praeceps after a very serious incident in the gardeners’ discord
Praeceps, the Guildmaster of the prestigious North Pacific Cards Guild(well known as a successful commend farm under the guise of “expanding the cards community”), has recently been spotted by Card News reporters FLAMING a commended member of the cards community. It has been reported that praeceps allegedly pinged DGES (commended cards player btw) and called them a card-related expletive(something about deck size). DGES(an innocent commended cards player, who, for the record, has a large deck), responded in a reasonable manner, but it’s clear that this was a direct attack on their character. What conclusions can we draw from this horrific incident? Will Praeceps soon become another exnation in DGES’s rather large deck? Why did I waste time writing this article? What’s the fourth wall? Find out next time on Card News!

Want free cards?
Everyone loves ‘free’ cards, and Card News is offering another chance to get some! In its current state, Card News is solely run by Noahs Second Country as an independent effort to aggregate interesting events in the cards community and hopefully draw some more attention to the scene. However, real life interests and other obligations can get in the way. To combat this, I’m trying to recruit new authors with 1 free legendary card per 2 articles written for Card News. Naturally, there will be some quality standards, but all you need to do is send Noahs Second Country the following:

Card News Writer Form

Nation Name:enter the name of your card collecting nation
Article Topic:Give a general idea of the article you would like to write
Additional Comments:Add notes here

After I approve the article topic, further instructions will be given. Hopefully, doing this will result in higher quality, longer, and more detailed articles from a variety of authors. Thanks for your support, and thank you to all of the authors that have joined recently!

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