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Krystalveil's Transportation System

Krystalveil's Transportation System

Krystalveil has a wide network of means of transportation, the most advanced being the railway system.

Krystalveil's highways are built only on the main island - the only place where this is needed.

It has 4 main axes:
Lemon City - Krystalveil City
Lemon City - Tomorrowland
Lemon City - La Ville de Roi
Tomorrowland - La Ville de Roi

The total distance is 2006 kms.

The most advanced in the world, it has 3 main zones:

1. ZONE I : "The Imperial Circle"

This one stretches on the main island and connects all 4 cities on the same routes as the highway.

The trains here reach 600 kms/h.

2. ZONE II: "The Greater Circle"

This one connects the main island to all the other islands around Krystalveil. It is submerged underwater and goes all the way to Krystalveil's Great Wall.

The trains here reach 1200 kms/h.

3. ZONE III: " The International Circle"

Krystalveil's Underwater System connects the mainland to important hubs around the globe as it follows:

Krystalveil's Atlantis
Zaberaz Hapang's Aurora City
The Galactic RepubIlic's Ohrill
Porymonia' s Pyro
Margaux' Nikolaen
Haivon's Perria City
Onfande's Pomorra City & Almatie
+ (their Union's Ohia)
Megistos's Megistos City
Sulenia's Darios
Transvolcanic's Volkansfort
Mat She's Mat She City

The trains in the system reach speeds of 2000 kms/h.