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Vote AGAINST Ban On Forced Blood Sports

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Resolution at Vote: Ban On Forced Blood Sports
Vote Recommendation: Against


Today's resolution poses a threat to the culture of nations who participate in blood sports, I see it to be a form of cultural genocide. According to Stavenhagen Rodolfo a professor at United Nations University in his book The Ethnic Question; cultural genocide must be combated at all costs as it leads to the destruction of all of humanity.

If you don't buy that, I believe that the passage of this resolution would affirm that in some respect, animals are afforded better treatment than humans. Let me clarify; this resolution states that we will be banning blood sports because they "[result] in serious death or injury [for an animal]" however, we aren't stopping humans from participating in sports like boxing because they could face the same consequences.

For the above reasons, I urge a vote Against this proposal.

San carlos mission to the world assembly