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Interview with Migrating Geese

Published July 2020

In the first week of July, our region received a surprise visit from the Travelling Region. When I say "surprise", it was actually only a surprise for us. Because for the travellers, Eurth was on their planned itinerary for visiting all regions from Z to A to 0 (zero). Their efforts were recognised by the World Assembly in Security Council Resolution #186 Commending the Travelling Region. First to arrive was a flock of Migrating Geese. After pitching their tent and a wild night at the bar, we sat down with one of our guests for a friendly Q&A.

Members of the Travelling Region visit all NationStates regions from Z to A to 0 (zero).

Orioni Honk honk and a quackity quacking day to you. Please help us get to know you. Can you tell us something about yourself?

Migrating Geese I can tell you about the geese, but not about my personal self. Actually, the geese is not my first nation. I've been in NS for over 16 years. I am female, which I think makes me a minority.

What inspired you to visit all NationStates regions from Z to A?

One of my first nations was Happy wanderers. It ceased to exist way back in 2008. I used it to travel randomly. It was such fun that I created the Migrating Geese to continue my travels. But doing the same sort of random traveling seemed too redundant. So I figured since actual geese migrated south, we'd go from Z to A.

What has the experience been like so far in other regions you have travelled to and from?

We have a forum which has some of our experiences on it: One thing I hate is to fly over a region and get banned for it. We keep a record now of those mishaps. I was a solo traveler until I reached the W's and hit Wyndia. That is when SkodaTruck Drivers joined me. We were a happy couple for a long time.

Along the way, we got a bunch of nations that wanted to come with us -- so many that some regions got nervous and thought they were being invaded. Now we have had to make very, very stringent Linkrequirements to join our group, which can be viewed in our forum.

Before the mods were aware of us, Skoda actually got nuked in The Kingdom of Burgundy for stopping in and wishing them a Merry Christmas. The Skoda traveling with us now is his puppet. Now the mods know that we're a traveling region and pretty much leave us alone.

How exciting! What about hospitality? Are players generally accepting of temporary guests?

Most regions are hospitable. Some know us from before. Some get a boost in membership and interest. I always TG the founder when we arrive to let him know who we are and ask him to notify me if we're not welcome so that we can move along. If you see our list of disgraced nations in our WFE in Travelling Region you can see that this doesn't always work.

There are several travellers and wanderers in NationStates. Have you run into any of them?

Yes! So many nations are out there sampling NS. Our home region often attracts them in between travels. One nation traveling with us now is an old solo migrant who decided to join us.

Are there any plans for creating a NationStates travel guide?

We hadn't thought about a travel guide. But we do keep a list in our home region of regions which have been above and beyond interesting and friendly.

Last question. Do you have any advice for other players who may be inspired by your travels?

My advice is simply to enjoy yourself. And stop in our home region to introduce yourself.

Thank you for your time. It's been a great pleasure to host this friendly flock of world-wise travellers here in Eurth. We hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did. You are, of course, welcome to stay as long as you like. And feel free to re-visit at any moment. Please accept this artistic impression as a sign of our appreciation.

The Beautiful Empire of Orioni 2