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Romanovan Patriotic Front

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Romanovan Patriotic Front
Романовский Патриотический Фронт






Total: 18,271
Active Members: 11,492


Saint Alexander Nevsky


Black and Yellow


6 April (Formed)


Russian Civil War


General of
the Army

Konstantin Demchenko

Brigadier Generals

Viktor Sopchuk
Vladimir Zhuravlyov

Romanovan Patriotic Front

The Romanovan Patriotic Front (Романовский Патриотический Фронт) is the name of the unified paramilitary armed forces of the Principality of Romanovskaya. The RPF is a paramilitary defence organisation whose aim is to guarantee the preservation of the independence and sovereignty of the Romanovan state, the integrity of its land area and its constitutional order.

The RPF possesses arms and engages in military exercises, fulfilling the tasks given to it by the law. The organisation is divided into two regional brigades, whose areas of responsibility mostly coincide with the borders of the Romanovan districts of Vyborgsky and Korelasky.

As a paramilitary organisation, the RPF is not under the direct authority of the Ministry of Police & Defence. However since 1924, the RPF has been recognised in Romanovan law and has not only been allowed to operate, but it receives regular donations from the Romanovan State as well as working closely with the Ministry of Police & Defence with regards to joint operations. It also works with the Ministry of National Education to have programs in schools to educate students on responsible gun ownership, basic drill and physical exercise.


The RPF is a voluntary military national defence organisation, which acts in the areas not under the management of the Romanovan Defence Forces. The RPF possesses arms and engages in military exercises. The main goal of the RPF is, on the basis of the citizens’ free will and initiative, to enhance the readiness of the nation to defend its independence and its constitutional order, including in the event of military threat.

The RPF plays an important role in supporting the civil structures. Its members aid in putting out wildfires, volunteer as assistant police members, and ensure safety at various events. Units, consisting of voluntary members of the RPF, also participate in international peace support operations.


The RPF is divided into two regional brigades whose areas of responsibility mostly coincide with the borders of Romanovskaya's districs; Vyborgsky District (1898 Brigade) and Korelasky District (Saviour Brigade).

Today, the RPF has over 11,000 reservists. The affiliated organisations of the RPF combine more than 18,000 volunteers, in all, and include the RPF women’s corps "Womens National Guard" (Женская Национальная Гвардия), the RPF's boys’ corps "Young Scouts" (Молодые Скауты), and the RPF's girls’ corps "Daughters of the Nation" (Дочери Нации).

RPF Womens National Guard aiding in
police duties.


RPF's women's corps – Womens National Guard

The RPF's women's corps (Женская Национальная Гвардия) is a support organisation of RPF. The main functions of the ZNG include the following:

• to assist the RPF in defending the independence of Romanovskaya and its constitutional order, to ensure the safety of its citizens, and to discharge any other functions;
• to organise and ensure the medical and rear services of the RPF in co-operation with the regional units;
• to promote the ideals of the RPF and national feelings;
• to participate in organising the social life of the RPF.

RPF's boys’ corps – Young Scouts

The RPF's boys’ corps (Молодые Скауты). The objective of the organisation is to raise these young people as good citizens with healthy bodies and minds. In addition to numerous interesting activities, such as parachute jumping, flying gliders, orienteering, shooting weapons, etc., the Young Scouts also participates in numerous events, the most popular but also the most difficult being the Vuoksi-Ladoga reconnaissance competition.

RPF's girls's corps – Daughters of the Nation

The RPF’s girls’ corps (Дочери Нации) was established to increase patriotic feelings and readiness to defend the independence of Romanovskaya among young girls; to enhance the love for home and motherland; to encourage respect for the Romanovan culture and ways of thinking; to be honest, enterprising, responsible, and capable of decision-making; to respect nature; and to respect one’s parents and others.


RPF's mortar platoon during a training exercise.

The personal equipment and clothing of the members of the RPF is usually kept in the possession of each member. This will accelerate their operational use in a crisis situation. Many of the members also have handguns in their possession. The more active members use a common firearm among other RPF members. This makes it possible to have more efficient and convenient equipment elements to share among the main units, but makes some of the sub-units look more varied with regards to weaponry. However, the use of uniform and distinguishing marks is required to be the same.

Some of the most common weapons of the RPF are the AK-4, SG 552, IMI Galil and the 7.62mm G3 rifle. Modified 7.62 Tkiv 85 rifles are used by sharpshooters. The Galil rifle is being gradually phased out in favour of the SG 552.

Suppressive fire is provided by the M60 and MG3 machine guns at the section, troop and company levels. In addition, indirect fire is provided by the Panzerfaust 3 antitank weapon, and 82mm B-300 grenade launchers as well as B455 81 mm mortar in battalions.

Some battlegroups also include an anti-tank unit equipped with the 84mm Carl Gustav recoilless rifles and 90mm Pvpj 1110 anti-tank guns. The RPF utilises a variety of tactical transport vehicles and a small number of armoured personnel carriers, including the BTR-80, and some old armoured cars.

General of the Army Konstantin Demchenko


The General of the Army of RPF is the highest-ranking officer of the RPF; and is usually an individual promoted from the rank of Brigadier General, although this is not a requirement. The General of the Army has the responsibility to man, training, equip and develop the organisation. The General of the Army is a member and head of the Army Council which is the main organisational tool of the RPF and is made up of all the Senior Officers of the RPF. The General of the Army is appointed by majority vote of the Army Council. The current General of the Army is Konstantin Demchenko, who assumed the position in 2012. As of 2020, the two Brigadier Generals are Vladimir Zhuravlyov (1898 Brigade) and Viktor Sopchuk (The Saviour Brigade).

The lower ranks of the RPF largely follow that of the official Romanovan army, although with some small changes. There are no commissioned officers in the RPF, all officers must rise through the ranks of the RPF starting as Privates. Each individual is tested for their leadership skills, loyalty, patriotism and character to be promoted.

A nation that puts value on the power of the individual, defending the right to liberty, culture and prosperity to allow all of its fair people to reach their full potential.

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