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Issues-Writing: The Macros

Notice how Issues often refer to specific aspects of your nation, like your national animal or capital city? When you're writing Issues, macros are how you personalise things. And they're easy to use, too — just insert the right code-word, surrounded by "at" signs like @@THIS@@. Here's a list of all the macros you can use:
  • @@NAME@@ the name of the nation

    • @@NAMEINITIALS the initial(s) of the name of the nation

  • @@TYPE@@ the national classification, like "Empire" or "Kingdom"

  • @@CURRENCY@@ the national currency

    • @@CURRENCYPLURAL@@ the plural form of the national currency

    • @@CURRENCYINITIALS@@ the initial(s) of the national currency

  • @@ANIMAL@@ the national animal

    • @@ANIMALPLURAL@@ the plural form of the national animal

    • @@ANIMALINITIALS@@ the initial(s) of the national animal

  • @@SLOGAN@@ the national motto

  • @@CAPITAL@@ the nation's capital city, defaulting to "@@NAME@@ City" for nations that haven't unlocked the custom field yet

  • @@LEADER@@ the leader of the nation, defaulting to "Leader" for nations that haven't unlocked the custom field yet

    • @@LEADERPLURAL@@ the plural form of the national leader

  • @@FAITH@@ the national religion, defaulting to "a major religion" for nations that haven't unlocked the custom field yet

  • @@POPULATION@@ the nation's population (e.g. "5 million")

  • @@REGION@@ the region that the player's nation resides in

  • @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@ the nation's biggest industry; here are the possibilities:

    Arms Manufacturing, Automobile Manufacturing, Basket Weaving, Beef-Based Agriculture, Book Publishing, Cheese Exports, Door-to-door Insurance Sales, Furniture Restoration, Gambling, Information Technology, Pizza Delivery, Retail, Soda Sales, Tourism, Trout Farming, Uranium Mining, Woodchip Exports
  • @@DEMONYM@@ gives the term for someone from @@NAME@@ (e.g. the demonym of "Bigtopia" is "Bigtopian")

    • @DEMONYMPLURAL the plural of the nation's demonym (e.g. "a parade of Bigtopians")

    • @@DEMONYMADJECTIVE@@ the adjective form of the nation's demonym (e.g. Bigtopian furniture)

      • @@DEMONYMADJECTIVEINITIALS@@ the initials of the adjective form of the nation's demonym

  • @@A@@ says either "a" or "an" based on the following word

  • @@RANDOMNAME@@ gets a randomly-selected name (e.g. "Aaron al-Zahawi"); always use this macro unless you're using a specific name as a reference to something

      @@RANDOMFIRSTNAME@@ gets a randomly-selected first name; here's the list it picks from:
      Aaron, Abraham, Agnes, Akira, Al, Alexander, Alexei, Ali, Anne-Marie, Ariel, Aziz, Barack, Barry, Beth, Bharatendu, Bianca, Bill, Billy, Billy-Bob, Björk, Britney, Bruce, Buffy, Buy, Calvin, Carmen, Charles, Chastity, Chloe, Chris, Clint, Colin, Colleen, Cooper, Coraline, Daniel, Darya, Dave, Declan, Don, Doris, Efthamia, Elaine, Elizabeth, Ella, Elsa, Emily, Erica, Faith, Falala, Fanny, Finlay, Fleur, Francisco, Freddy, George W., Georgina, Gertie, Gregory, Gretel, Hack, Heather, Hillary, Hope, Howard, Imogen, Ivan, Jack, Jacob, Jake, Jamil, Jazz, Jean-Paul, Jennifer, Jessica, Johann, Josh, Kate, Kathleen, Kayla, Kirby, Klaus, Konrad, Lara, Larry, Lars, Lauren, Lee, Louis, Margaret, Maria, Marina, Mark, Marleen, Mary, Matilda, Max, May, Megan, Mia, Michelle, Miranda, Mohammed, Naki, Natalia, Neil, Peggy, Pete, Pip, Prudence, Randy, Rebecca, Renee, Robin, Rochelle, Roger, Rosalia, Roxanne, Ruby, Sabina, Samuel, Sarah, Sashona, Sophie, Stefanie, Steffan, Stephanie, Sue-Ann, Teddie, Thomas, Tim, Tobias, Violet, Virginia, Wil, William, Xu, Yasmin, Yui, Zach, Zack, Zeke, Zelda
    • @@RANDOMLASTNAME@@ gets a randomly-selected last name; here's the list it picks from:

      al-Zahawi, Anderson, Barnes, Barry, Belcher, Black, Blofeld, Broadside, Bronte, Brown, Bush, Carey, Chandra, Chen, Cheswick, Chicago, Cho, Christensen, Christmas, Clinton, Cohen, Cruz, de Castro, de Groot, de Jong, Delauter, de Vries, Dimitrov, Dodinas, Dovey, Dredd, du Pont, Dubois, Eliot, Falopian, Fellow, Fitzgerald, Frederickson, Giono, Goethe, Grossman, Gutenberg, Hamilton, Han, Hanover, Harishchandra, Hendrikson, Hernandez, James, Jamieson, Janssen, Jefferson, Johnson, Jones, Kardashian, Khan, King, Laine, Leach, Lee, Levy, Li, Licorish, Longbottom, Longfellow, Lopez, Love, Malik, McAlpin, McGuffin, McKay, McKinnon, Mendeleev, Mistletoe, Mombota, Nagasawa, Neumann, Nguyen, O, Obama, O'Bannon, O'Hara, Parke, Pasteur, Patel, Pavlov, Pence, Perez, Peters, Plath, Pushkin, Rifkin, Rikkard, Rubin, Ruff, Sanchez, Sato, Schultz, Schwarzenegger, Shiomi, Silk, Singh, Smith, Song, Sparkle, Spirit, Steele, Strange, Summers, Suzuki, Taffs, Tan, Thiesen, Trax, Trudeau, True, Usman, Utopia, Wall, Washington, Wilson, Winters, Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, Wong, Woolf, Wu, Yeats, Zhimo, Zhu
    • @@RANDOMMALENAME@@ gets a randomly-selected male name

    • @@RANDOMFEMALENAME@@ gets a randomly-selected female name

There are other macros specifically for @@RANDOMNAME@@ and its variants:

  • @@HE@@ will adapt to say "he" or "she" based on the last-used @@RANDOMNAME@@

  • @@HIM@@ will adapt to say "him" or "her" based on the last-used @@RANDOMNAME@@

  • @@HIS@@ will adapt to say "his" or "her" based on the last-used @@RANDOMNAME@@

  • @@MAN@@ will adapt to say "man" or "woman" based on the last-used @@RANDOMNAME@@

If these have no @@RANDOMNAME@@ to refer to (e.g. they're at the beginning of the Issue), they'll pick one gender randomly.
Of course, sometimes you may need a @@HE@@ macro to refer to the second-to-last @@RANDOMNAME@@ used. In these cases, you can further define the macros by putting "_#" before the closing "@@" — for instance, you could say "@@RANDOMNAME_1@@ hit @@RANDOMNAME@@. Then @@HE_1@@ screamed." You can use as many numbers as you want, and the system works on the first-/last-name macros too.

So there you go! Macros will make your Issues feel a lot more personal, which in turn will make them more engaging. Good luck!

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