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Live Updates - July 2020 Delegate Election

Good, Insightful and Timely | Year 18 | July 2020 Delegate Election


11 July 2020 10:51 EST
Amerion and Penguin advance to gameside round

Amerion and Penguin have advanced to the gameside round in the Delegate election, according to the official vote count released by Election Commissioner Tsunamy. With 41 ballots cast, Amerion obtained 36 votes and Penguin obtained 31 votes, enough in both cases to advance to the week-long round of gameside voting that will decide which of the two will succeed Somyrion.

According to the Elections Act, the forumside round is conducted via approval voting and only the top two candidates who have secured more than 50% of approvals will advance to the gameside round.

08 July 2020 09:04 EST
Forum voting round opens; will run through July 11

Election Commissioner Tsunamy has officially opened the forum voting round for the Delegate election, allowing legislators to cast their votes on the candidates who will advance to the gameside round in their effort to succeed Somyrion. The forum voting round is conducted through approval voting, which means that legislators may vote for one or both of the candidates, so that their vote reflects who they approve, rather than who they prefer.

Voting will extend until July 11, after which the two highest approved candidates will advance to the gameside voting round, where all Native World Assembly members will vote for their preferred candidate through a regional poll.

Click LinkHERE or LinkHERE to cast your vote

04 July 2020 13:08 EST
Penguin fields questions about their endorsement count

Agalaesia, former Minister of Regional Affairs, has questioned Penguin on the progression of their endorsement count since joining the Council on Regional Security, pointing out that they have "gained less endorsements than Jay [Coop] despite being admitted to the CRS at the same time". This was met with a response from Jay Coop and Penguin, who argued that the claim as misleading:

"I don't think that's a fair assessment because Penguin has gained roughly the same number of endorsements as me. The difference is that Penguin started with fewer endorsements than me when we were both admitted to the CRS."

Jay Coop

Penguin also responded to the question, suggesting that they had already taken all possible steps to raise their endorsement count:

"I have endorsed every WA in the region. What they do after that is on them. I can't force them to endorse me anymore than I can force the people of TSP to embrace Pie over cake - and believe me I try VERY hard on that."


Penguin also suggested increased efforts to welcome new nations and ensure that they would receive all the necessary information to reinforce the message from the welcome telegram. They pointed out that the early days of a new nation can be confusing and that open and constant communication would be beneficial.

03 July 2020 19:57 EST
Amerion and Penguin post their campaign threads

Amerion and Penguin have posted their campaign threads, opening the campaigning phase of the race to succeed Somyrion.

Amerion is running an agenda-driven campaign, focusing on strengthening the region on issues ranging from the Office of World Assembly Legislation (OWL) to promoting the recently-created Coral Guard and bridging the gap between the gameside and offsite communities.

Penguin has admitted to lacking a specific plan but has also highlighted their years of experience in the region, both in and out of executive office, and their goal in keeping the region under a friendly but steady hand.

Click LinkHERE to read Amerion's campaign | Click LinkHERE to read Penguin's campaign

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