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Interterm Address

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Interterm Address


It was an absolute honor and thrill to be the Second President of The Union of Democratic States for the past four months. Not to sound like a broken record, but when I took over the Presidency from the short-lived and uneventful reign of North Plegia, the Union was still in a state of temporary weakness, something I vowed to myself personally multiple times, as I considered running for this position, to not allow to happen during my own term. My Administration and itís relevant staff members stuck to my three talking points, most importantly the fortitude to stay well oiled. Iíll admit, the Drew Rush and the Virus in real life did cause a hiccup or two, however, leaders are measured in many forms, including how adaptive they are to situations as they crop up.

As situations did indeed crop up, under my watchful eye and leadership we were able to correct them and adapt, be it from my own actions or the recommendation of my Ministers or even their staff members. Normally an interterm address is all about what the leader accomplished, but I do try to present myself as modest and without these hard-working individuals, I could not have done what I did without their assistance.

Following back onto something the previous Prime Minister, Thatcher Whitehall commenced, I would like to hand out esteemed service medals for persons of merit. Please wear these medals with honor in your signature if you so choose. I would like to thank the medal winners and all Unionist for their contributions to the region, big or small.

First Class - Service Medal

Dome Artan

Dome Artan joined the region on December 11th, 2019, and obtained citizenship on the very same day. He partook in the first new Senate of our fresh Consitution and actively contributed to our legislative process all the way until today, without missing a single vote. He was made Deputy Minister of the Census under my tenure and assisted the government in ensuring accountability in introducing new Residents to the region, being a major part of updating our spreadsheets and more during the Drew Rush in which some nights, it took him roughly an hour to sort through newcomers and assign people to message them, taking on quite a few folks himself. However, I believe everyone can agree with me when I say that the bread and butter of his career within the Union has been the famed PIG and his reign as WA Delegate. I believe his reports speak for themselves, feel free to look through the various related threads for evidence of this.

Glaciosia has been a long time member of the Union, with various levels of activity in our political system, most notable was as a previous Senator career, his tenure as SC Justice under myself and We The People, as well as his current positions of Senator and Minister of Census. During his tenure of Senator, he has taken up the mantle of being Speaker and head of the Formatting Committee. After the brief and relatively short tenure of the previous Minister, the Administration was looking for strong leaders and approaching Glaciosia who was still happy to serve the UDS in any captivity possible, and I am extremely proud of my choice. The Ministry of Census has always been close to me, considering that is where I finally found my roots of being an active and participating member of the UDS. Without much of any conditioning, I am proud to say that the Ministry of the Census has found a great leader to fill the shoes I once wore.

Firseria, much like Dome Artan, has been the new blood to join the region and actively engage in our democratic process. In fact, while the region was struggling to find itís first Chairperson, Firseria stepped up to the plate and won the first election. Firseria, along with their duties inside the Executive, more specifically the Census, has run the General Assembly impressively well with assistance from Kanglia, who is now the Chairperson and former Deputy Chair. The action of stepping up to the plate when no one else wanted to be so new in the region is applauding and holds a place in the chain of people I respect.

Second Class - Service Medal

Comlogical & Kanglia

The UDSAF Command has been at itís very best in the last two months then it has been in an entire, with the return of Kanglia and the resurgence of Comlogical. Given the events of the real world, the entire UDSAF has certainly met a resurgence of activity, but the leadership of once again forming a group and training the group cannot go unnoticed. I believe this warrants a service medal for their leadership and continued leadership.

Deputy Minister Kron has been a vital part of the Census Ministry in getting and keeping our laws up to date. An issue that has caused the Union a lot of headache in the past, in both debates and simply running the region itself. It is thanks to her and her team that is under her in getting our laws up in record time across the two platforms they are posted too. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the region, as to all of those contributing to the region.