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Opening Address

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Opening Address

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of those who came out to the ballot box to exercise their right to elect a leader of their choosing. It is very humbling that even residents without citizenship seemed interested in our political process. Without the People exercising their democratic rights, our region and its institutions would fall into decay and ultimately corruption. Without citizens stepping forwards to lead our region in every institution, our Republic would crumble into inactivity and we would lose a place that many of us have called home for years. As a citizen, and now as your President, I hope to serve our Union in the best capacity possible and I hope that all citizens who wish to see the Union improve join my reinvigorated administration and selflessly assist the government at all levels.

To assist me in ensuring the Unionís continued survival and in fostering an atmosphere of fortitude and distinct leadership within the Executive branch, I will create the Ministry of the Census, Culture, Justice, Defense, and Foreign Affairs. I will nominate McCarthany as my Minister of the Census and I shall serve as their mentor. I will nominate Tanisha as my Minister of Culture, Brittalia as my Minister of Justice, and Comlogical as Minister of Defense. Finally, I will nominate Druing as my Minister of Foreign Affairs. Thatcher Whitehall has several years of gameplay experience and shall serve in an advisory role over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the earliest convenience of the Senate, I shall file my official nominees with the Speaker.

The focus of each Ministry this term shall be announced following in-depth discussions with each of my nominees. This is a critical time for the region as important precedents regarding the Office of the President and the Executive as a whole shall be laid down. I would like to thank each of my nominees for stepping up to the plate and accepting their respective positions. I would like to reiterate that a region is made by its residents and a government by its Citizens.

Should my Ministers call for the assistance of the People, it is my hope that all citizens will apply for positions within the Executive that interest them. For the continued survival of the Union, active participation by the People is critical as to maintain the functions of government. If you decide to assist, you will be working with an exceptional team this term.

The installation of a Supreme Court this term is critical to the implementation of the constitution. Currently, I have accepted two nominations for the position of Justice and I have reached out to one other person. Once I have completed interviewing and selecting the nominees, I shall file them with the Speaker of the Senate.

As many citizens pointed out, this election served as a referendum between moving forward with the current constitution or entering another constitutional convention. I am committed to properly installing the constitution, although, I support and will be proposing an amendment package to address and mitigate valid concerns that the election process brought to light. No constitution is perfect. I encourage citizens to raise concerns in the General Assembly or privately with myself and I will work to include them in my amendment package that I plan on releasing in about three weeks time.

Once again, I would like to thank you for making me your President. We are in this together, come hell or high water.