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NJ's Helpful Guide Mission Statement



Heyo, there, reader! Welcome to the Mission Statement! As I've created my various guides and things, I have realized that I really do have a mission here with these dispatches and advice. So, here you go. The mission statement, broken down into individual parts. Of course, if you have any questions about my mission statement, any of my guides, or anything about NationStates, feel free to telegram me or get in contact with me on Discord at Lies Kryos#1734.


This is a very complicated subject, and even I am unsure as to what exactly I am doing. The most succinct explanation, I think, is this. My goal is to provide the NationStates community with sets of accurate, entertaining, and educational guides and dispatches that will help players succeed in any part of the game. I attempt to create these guides with the end product in mind, what questions a new reader might have, as well as making them high quality. Each dispatch is created with a specific purpose in mind, often encompassing a huge variety of topics, which I then must compress into small, bite-sized pieces for readers to digest and understand. I also try and make the resources available to as many people as possible so that everyone can have access to important information.


Well, obviously, I write down my helpful guides in dispatches. These dispatches are free to use by everyone and may be shared, postest, linked, and pinned anywhere you would like to have them (see copyright note below). Generally, I start with a short outline in my head of different points pertaining to the topic. For my most popular and oldest dispatch, NJ's Helpful Guide to the World Assembly, I simply started with "what did I wish I had known when I joined the WA" and "what information did I want to know after joining the WA?" Using that style, I simply wrote down tips, tricks, and an all-around guide to how the whole WA mechanic works, from submitting proposals to influence to endorsements!


I love serving others and I always have. As a fellow player of this game, it took me forever to figure out how this or that thing worked. There are still things I am trying to figure out, and I have been at this for some time. I do this whole thing because I love sharing the things I've learned and the little tricks I've unlocked. I know the game can be confusing and even frustrating to people who have no clue what is going on or how this or that thing works, so I try and create a way for people to get that information they need without stress or mess. I wish to provide regions with resources they can simply point to when answering questions. I want to provide founders and regional officials with tips and tricks that I have learned as a founder over time. In short, I want to provide easy-access information for everyone to make things easy.


Well, if you're looking for qualifications, I have more than a few. I have served on the regional government of one of the most powerful and largest UCRs in the world, Conch Kingdom. I was the World Assembly Delegate of that region for about five or six months, during which it grew to be about 600 nations, surpassed Europe to take first place for most average endorsements (a world record at the time), and broke the CK endorsement record at 200+ WAD endorsements. I am the founder of the region Thegye, and I have been playing the game for nearly four years. During that time, I have participated in several regions as both a citizen and a regional official, I have sent over two dozen manual recruitment telegrams, and I have owned more than one Ultra Rare season one trading card. Though I guess that's not really important. The point is, even though I often might look like I know what I'm talking about, I often am learning a lot of things along with you guys. If you notice a mistake or misinformation, do let me know. I am only human, after all.

That about wraps up my mission statement and assorted relative information. If you have questions about anything I do or write, let me know. If you have suggestions, also let me know, as I am always looking for new ideas.

Copyright Note: I subscribe to the idea of Fair Use, and all of my dispatches follow those ideas. If you want to link, post, share, pin, or otherwise disseminate my guides and dispatches, you are most free to do so. I only ask two things: 1) Use a direct link to my dispatch, as unauthorized copies are not permitted. NationStates, contrary to popular belief, has actual copyright rules that protect my publications. 2) Make sure to credit me for my work. If you want to cite something from my dispatch or share it in a link or something, please to give credit where credit is due. Not because I'm a narcissistic idiot (though there is that too), but more because then the name and the dispatches get out there so people can find them again, and look at the other guides. If you have specific questions about this, feel free to let me know!

Created by NeW jAeDoNStAn. Do not reproduce, in whole or in part, without express permission.