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Pact of Kings

Overview: The Pact of Kings is a coalition between monarchs to defend and preserve their traditions from any threat to monarchs as a whole, although based on the preservation and defense of each other the pact also provides ample opportunity for trade agreements.


Section I: Membership Requirements
The requirements to join the pact are simple, you must be some type of monarchy (constitutional, absolute etc).
You will be expected to send a delegate to represent your country in the council.

Section II: Structure
The Pact of Kings will be governed by a council that will meet at a neutral place to ensure the safety of the council, the council will meet once a month to discuss the events of the Western Isles.

Section III: Articles and Declarations

Article 1: To preserve and defend monarchy In the region military action must be taken if necessary, aiding monarchs in civil wars is permitted.

Article 2: it is not required for members to keep a military and those who have weak militaries will be defended, however it is expected for a member nation to defend their fellow members.

Article 3: If any Member Nation is attacked, the attack will be viewed as an attack against all of the Member Nations. Measures will be taken as deemed necessary to preserve our traditions and ways of life.

Article 4: Member nations may not attack or attempt to enforce policies inside other member nations as that violates the purposes of defending their way of life.

Article 5: All military arms, vessels, and equipment shall utilize standard munitions, components, and interfaces to allow for interoperability between Member Nations.

Article 6: Member nations may invite any other monarchs to the pact as long as it is brought up to the council first.

Article 7: All agreements records and treaties will be held in Kingston, any delegates from the member nations may enter the records building and examine these records, members caught editing records will be kicked out of the pact.

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