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The hebdomadal report for the week of 22 June 2020 - 28 June 2020 is as follows:


The Shadow Cult directly intervened in the Confederation this week through the declarations of Direktorate Order 2 and Direktorate Order 3.

DO#2 saw several minor updates to the Imperial Constitution, the Confederation Government and the Code of Law. Most significant of these was the renaming of the Ministry of Communications to the Ministry of State Broadcasting, and the expansion of the Code of Law's Chapter One - Definitions.

DO#3 overturned all state awards received by any person of Shronok.

Hail the Confederation!

Doris Kohn
High-Direktor of the Central Imperial Direktorate
The Shadow Cult of Jocospor


The Confederation prospers under the Shadow Cult. There are only two matters of importance to have occurred this week:

Almost immediately proceeding my previous report, in which I expressed disappointment in the lack of senatorial activity, the President began a vote on IS#12: Motion to Regulate Weapons of Mass Destruction, with the intention of replacing the former Weapons of Mass Destruction Act 2019 (an outdated piece of legislation). IS#12 carried and was enacted. I commend the President's work in replacing outdated legislation, and would encourage him to keep up such important work in a bid to make our Confederation as efficient as possible.

Meanwhile, I have received the orders issued from the High-Direktor in his Direktorate Order 3. All state honours previously awarded to individuals from the nation of Shronok have been revoked and scrubbed from the Confederation's records. Traitors shall never be granted any recognition by our Confederation.

I stand ready to serve our hallowed region.

Hail the Confederation!

Sir Aleksandr Ivanov HCF
Mouth and Will of the Emperor
The Corporate Empire of Depackya


The regional response to the Commission to the World Assembly's regional telegram and RMB post regarding the Confederation's World Assembly engagement has resulted in significant, measurable improvements to the Confederation's standings in international rankings:*

The Delegate endorsement count has increased by 6, from 165 to 171.

The percentage of World Assembly nations has increased from 43.5% to 45.2%. On this score, the Confederation is now tied with Europe for first in the world (among large regions).

The percentage of Delegate endorsements has increased from 84.6% to 85.1%.

The average endorsement count per nation has increased from 7.32 (28th) to 8.12 (25th).

I am extremely pleased to note this progress. Several initiatives have been developed by the Commission to the World Assembly and will be released in the coming weeks, with the hope that we will see this trend continue, strengthening our region's standing among the elite regions of the world.

Hail the Confederation!

Sir Heelain Curronfold HCF
Lord of Loathing of the Commission to the World Assembly
The Empire of ShrewLlamaLand

*Statistics accurate as of report delivery


Salutations! Senate affairs look to be rather bright. As usual, I have updated the Senate documents. The President and Cabinet (the Department of Arts and Communications more so) are being highly productive, and we seem to be moving towards a more independent, stable government. Now I look towards expanding the Senate itself. A new party is being formed (always a welcome addition), and I am planning a new program to assist new parties in forming and establishing themselves, without hand-holding them of course. More concrete details of this will be reported next week.

I am also pleased to report that I shall resume the practice (which I had unfortunately let lapse) of making an announcement on the state of the Senate every week on the RMB. Accompanying this, I shall now send a telegram to the region encouraging nations to join the Imperial Senate. I have no doubt that this will grow the Senate majestically.

Hail the Confederation!

Sir Victor Watson HCS
Lord Overseer of the Imperial Senate
The Grand Empire of West Heisen


As per usual, the Confederation remains at peace, with virtually no known threats to its security or the safety of it's member nations. As such, I've come to the conclusion that such reports shall be kept brief unless current circumstances dictate otherwise.

Hail the Confederation!

Sir Edward Mason II HCS
Lord Director of the Ministry of Home Affairs
The Imperial Khanate of Khanbaliq Mongolia


Little at present in the outside world impacts our grand Confederation. The Ministry this week mainly focused on the clerical work of maintaining regional embassies, and executing the highest standards of interregional communication. Several requests for embassies were received this week; all were declined for a variety of reasons including: lacking regional activity; lacking regional World Assembly presence; and, most notably, questionable and arguably heinous regional ideologies. The Confederation does not support OOC fascism or communism, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to stand firm on its zero stance policy towards those perpetuating such vulgar behaviour.

Hail the Confederation!

Sir Hunteth Veredon HCF
Lord Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Corporate Dystopia of Valerox

The Shadow Cult of Jocospor