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Issues-Writing: FAQ and Glossary/Abbreviations

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Got Issues FAQs

See also: Candlewhisper Archive’s Issues FAQ

Can I collaborate on an Issue/have a co-author?
Absolutely! Got Issues is a perfect place to host your collaborations; just make a post on the RMB or Telegram some region-mates! Alternatively, you can post an offer on the forums or LinkDiscord.
The gameside submission page isn’t designed for collaborations, but the Editors will happily allow co-authors — in the main Issue validity field, just say who you worked with (e.g. “Co-authored with Examplelandia”). Don’t submit the Issues once from each collaborating nation; instead, pick a group leader to submit, with all other collaborators listed as co-authors. Note that only the leader will receive the Issue Author badge.

I don’t see the link to submit my Issue!
Under normal circumstances, the link is found under Issues > "Want to write issues for NationStates?". But to prevent inexperienced players from flooding the submission page, the game requires you have a population of at least 250 million to submit anything (they didn’t anticipate an awesome region like ours making the process so accessible). ;) But in all seriousness, unless you began drafting before you founded the nation (like it's a puppet nation), you probably haven’t spent long enough on the process. Go back and make it better — or just sit back, hang out, and watch your population click up!

What happens if my Issue’s accepted?
You’ll get a telegram, plus the game will send you your Issue to answer, even if you normally wouldn’t qualify for it based on its validity. In addition, you’ll get this awesome badge!

Be warned: it may take a while for the Editors to process your Issue — often months — and if it's not accepted, you won't get notified. Instead of waiting around to see what happens, try writing another Issue!

Got Issues Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

AR/Aussie — Australian rePublic, a prolific, well-known Issues author

chain — a series of Issues a player receives in sequence that follows a single story line… a single Issue is also considered “chained” if it’s a follow-up Issue

custom field — the blanks a player fills in on the Settings page, such as “Motto”, “Currency”, and “Capital”

CWA — “Candlewhisper Archive”, one of the Issues Editors

Easter egg — special Issues that players only get after meeting specific requirements, often involving their custom fields

effect line — an oft-humorous line dictating the effects of choosing an Issue option, shown to players as “The Talking Point”

[Issues] Editor — a game volunteer who edits player-submitted Issues backstage and publishes them; a list of the Editors can be found here

follow-up Issue — an Issue a player only gets after picking a specific option in another Issue; it relates to the subject matter, often continuing a story line

GI — “Got Issues”, the forum where people discuss drafts and the Issues game

grammar — No one knows what this means.

Last Call — a label for Issue drafts soon to be submitted, used by authors to get some last-minute feedback

macro — a special piece of Issues code surrounded by @@at@@ signs that changes to match a player’s custom fields; a list can be found here

NPC nation — “non-player-character nation”, a nation discussed in Issues that doesn’t directly represent a real-life player’s nation (e.g. Bigtopia); a list of them can be found here

NS — “NationStates”, this game!

player autonomy — the right of a player not to have Issues assume their characteristics (e.g. Issues don't reference the player's children, because the player would've had to make that choice.)

reversal — an Issue option that removes a national policy

validity — Validities determine what nations will receive a certain Issue (e.g. autocratic nations aren’t eligible for an Issue about compulsory voting). Individual options can have validities too.

verisimilitude — the characteristic of an Issue as fitting within the fictional NationStates world (being reasonably consistent with other Issues)

#[number] — All Issues have an identifying number (found in the URL, e.g. “… dilemma=703”); this number is often used to refer to that specific Issue. The text of the numbered Issue can be found here.

Have questions? Feel free to Telegram me and ask; your questions will help grow this Dispatch!

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