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by The 😈 Admiral General 👿 of Amerion. . 358 reads.

Amerion for Supreme Leader of the South Pacific!!!

Minions, assorted Dissidents, and Fellow South Pacificans

As you will have no doubt deduced from the existence of this campaign, it is my hope to serve you as Supreme Leader / Malevolent Dictator Delegate.

*you may now rejoice at this announcement*

I first graced the South Pacific with my divine presence in the year of our Admiral General, 2017, and have since grown fond of its well-intentioned if not slightly absentminded minion population. Over the course of the last three years, this amusement has born fruit in the form of service as Chair of the Assembly and Prime Minister, among several other delightfully productive bureaucratic positions — all while maintaining an iron grip on all those who would oppose my righteous rule as Supreme Leader.

The Delegacy is our most revered of offices; the mechanical power it wields is unrivalled and it requires an individual who commands the utmost trust of our region. I believe as evidenced through my record of service that I have both the temperament and experience to serve the South Pacific as Supreme Leader and I very much hope you believe this too and will pledge your undying loyalty accordingly.

Yours evilly,

His Supreme Majesty of all Ice Cream, Admiral General Dentist Doctor Stewie G., the Magnificent Ultimate Leader of all of NationStates, King of Kings, Democratic President and Prime-Minister-For-Life, Invincible and All-Triumphant Lord Commander of the South Watch, Chief Ophthalmologist and board-certified Dermatologist to the South Pacific Special Forces, Brilliant Genius of Humanity and Balderans, Noble Prize winner in everything but Peace, and Benevolent Oppressor and Ruthless Protector of the Expendable People of Amerion.

It is my intention to deliver a 'State of the Region' address every two months. Drawing on the significance of the Delegacy as the Head of State of the South Pacific, this message will be a comprehensive summation of everything the Cabinet has accomplished over the previous months and a preview of what the government hopes to achieve.

Much like the State Opening of Parliament in the United Kingdom or the State of the Union in the United States, this event will be full of pomp and circumstance. I pledge to dress up in the finest material known to man as I type it up. There will be festivities to accompany the speech and we shall pardon a regional troublemaker as a sign of our benevolence. Or perhaps we shall banish one to the Rejected Realms, or worse, to Balder (*clutch my pearls at the thought*). We can decide on which later on.

Fostering a well-informed community is a critically important function of any government official and this can be achieved with regular updates on regional activity.

I have previously done something similar with two publications, the Coco Weekly and the Weekly Herald, and it is something I believe can be replicated on a bigger scale with a Delegate's Digest — a compendium of what government has been doing over the past week.

The Office of WA Legislation (OWL) is a fantastic program currently spearheaded by Aumeltopia and United States of Vietnam. Although in its infancy, this initiative will allow our WA population with a democratic say in how the Delegate votes in the World Assembly. It is a scheme and a process which I fully endorse and I hope to have the pleasure of working with OWL in the future to ensure our presence—the second-largest Delegate vote in NationStates—is well-utilised.

The brainchild of our current Delegate and Racoon-Overlord, Aumeltopia, Endorsement Days have become a staple of our WA culture. As a member of the Council on Regional Security, I can attest to its effectiveness and as a region, we see sizable increases in our cross-endorsement rates. This culture of endorsement is one which I would very much like to continue to nurture.


The divide between the gameside and forumside communities is one which has been a constant topic of discussion for more than half a decade. I am of the belief that while there is much to be said and indeed to be celebrated about our Coalition, we should appreciate that there are notable differences between these communities which have grown organically in their respective domains (the RMB and the forum/Discord). It would be unwise to champion forcing one to migrate to another for the sake of a uniform membership. South Pacificans have chosen to frequent where they frequent because it is where they are most comfortable and this is a fact of the game which we should acknowledge.

However, that is not to say that more cannot be done to bridge the divide. I hope to work with the Local Council (Auphelia and Proctethia) as well as with our Ministry of Regional Affairs to formulate a set of policies which can aide in integrating our newer members into our community. I cannot promise that this will be tremendously successful — historically, much has been said and little has been accomplished in this regard — but I can assure you that this will be a priority of my autocracy.

(Un)fortunately, I have experience of battling through the Lazarus Crisis of 2017 so I understand the importance of the Delegacy and the need to have a strong defence to guard against a rogue-Delegate. The Council on Regional Security have made some commendable moves towards the latter in recent months; transitioning to a Dynamic Endorsement Cap and implementing the South Pacific Coral Guard. It is our aim to have all eligible members of the Coalition sign up to serve as members of the Coral Guard and attain significant numbers of endorsements and influence.

On this note, the need to shorten the distance between the Delegate and the Council has been raised by some of the more security-conscious members of our region and this is an issue I hope we can address in the coming term. To that effect, I intend on regularly reminding our World Assembly members to endorse the Council and the Coral Guard (these reminders will likely coincide with the region-wide telegrams for Endorsement Days). Proactively engaging with our membership on this issue will go a fair distance in making our region even more secure than it currently is. I do so very much dislike cringeworthy phrases but it is something to celebrate and take pride in the fact that we have the oldest extant democracy in NationStates and we should do all that we can to safeguard it.

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Admiral General Amerion needs your help to defeat those who oppose his candidacy for Supreme Leader Delegate! Will you help make the dreams of many minions a reality? If you would like to make a contribution to the Vote Admiral General for Supreme Leader for Life Super Political Action Committee, please send your hard-earned Drama Llamas to the following totally-real and not non-fictional bank account.

In accordence with Article 2, Section 4 of the LinkElections Act, the following information constitutes my Declaration of (Potential) Conflict of Interests:

• I have at one time or another been a citizen of the North Pacific, the South Pacific, the East Pacific, the West Pacific, Lazarus, the Rejected Realms, Osiris, and Europeia.
• I presently hold citizenship in the South Pacific and Lazarus.

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