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Military Uniform History

The Havallish military has a long tradition of White uniforms, white being a pure and elegant color was meant to represent the elegance of the Havallish military. From 1615 to 1711 they wore the White on Red uniform simply known as the “Imperial Dress”.

In 1712 the military adopted the “Royal Standard” using the uniform up until 1823, this uniform is the most common depiction due to its long usage.

In 1824 the new “Whites and Reds” uniform was adopted being less ornate than previous but sporting the white on red of the early uniforms this uniform lasted until 1900 when the dress and combat uniforms were separated.
In 1901 the “Royal Dress Whites” were adopted as the dress uniform of all military branches this elegant uniform is complimented with black pants and boots, white gloves and a military dress hat bearing the insignia of the soldiers military branch. This uniform is still in use.