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Vote FOR Repeal: “Military Identification Tag Act”

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Resolution at Vote: Repeal: “Military Identification Tag Act”
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Despite the Military Identification Tag Act having a commendable goal, uniting the bodies of deceased military combatants with their mourning families, the risks of this resolution outweigh the rewards.

The main risk of this resolution is that the information on the dog tags puts military combatants who have been captured in danger of maltreatment or execution if it falls in the hands of an enemy force. One may argue this could be prevented if captured soldiers simply destroyed their dog tags. However, according section 8 of the Military Identification Tag Act; destroying a dog tag, even to protect yourself, is a violation of international law.

Next, one could argue that this resolution decreases national sovereignty as it forces nations to produce and distribute dog tags to its military combatants.

It's clear to see that unless these issues are fixed by a future resolution, we cannot have the Military Identification Tag Act on the WA books.

For the above reasons, I urge a vote FOR this resolution.

San carlos mission to the world assembly