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The South Pacific Coral Guard



The South Pacific Coral Guard (SPCG)

The South Pacific Coral Guard (SPCG) is a group of trusted nations who maintain a high-endorsement count and are one of the most crucial lines of defense against external and internal security threats alongside the Council on Regional Security (CRS).

For the safety and security of our region, we ask that all World Assembly (WA) member nations in the South Pacific endorse the members of the SPCG, as well as the Delegate. There is no requirement to do so but endorsing the SPCG and the Delegate will make those who do a SWAN Knight.

Member nations of the SPCG (Number of members: 7)




Land Without Shrimp




Duties and privileges of the SPCG

Member nations of the SPCG are permitted a higher Endorsement Cap than that provided for the general World Assembly membership. The current endorsement cap for SPCG members is set to be 60 less than the endorsement count of the delegate. (Currently Ebonhand at 582 endorsements)

The current endorsement cap for SPCG is 522


A member of the CRS will be appointed to act as a liaison for SPCG members and, in times of emergency, SPCG members might be called upon to support or otherwise work with CRS members.

Joining the SPCG


In order to become a member of the SPCG, one has to:

  • Have maintained Linkcitizenship for at least six consecutive months prior to the date of their application to the Coral Guard; and

  • Meet the requirements for influence and endorsements set and published by the Council on Regional Security


Step 1: Ensure that you meet all the requirements listed above.

Step 2: Write up an application which provides:

  • The name of your WA nation;

  • Your history in NationStates including any aliases you are using or have previously used; and,

  • One (or several) paragraphs arguing why the Council should appoint you to this position of high trust.

Step 3: Send your application to a Linkmember of the CRS. You can do this by a variety of methods (a telegram, a private message on the forum, or a direct message on Discord).

The CRS will review your application. This can take a number of days to three weeks. The Council will likely have additional questions which they will communicate to you via the method of your application. Following a formal vote within the Council, it will decide whether to appoint you to the Coral Guard and notify the Assembly of its decision.

Please be advised that meeting the requirements does not automatically guarantee that the application will be successful. These mechanical conditions are one of several factors which the Council considers in its determination.

A few notes:

  • Everything is updated every 24 hours so you need to wait for any change in the data to happen.

  • If you see any inaccuracies, errors, or have ideas for improvements, please contact us.

  • There are some minor inaccuracies in the data, read this for more information.

If you want to know more about the SWAN initiative, check out our dispatch index.