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Donald(Catfish) Peters

The current governor of Shakerest state, is very popular among the Novoblupolian population. His political program's objective is expanding the opportunities for average people of the state.

Sketch of him:

(It's eyebrows, not asian eyes on the sketch)

Born September 12th 1987 in Whitecrab.

"Democracy ain't suitable for all nations- hordes of imbeciles are indeed way better off standing behind wise dictators."

"You don't owe anything to the state, the state, however, does owe you a lot. Considering that it's you that make the state, you owe a lot to yourself, and it is up to you whether you can or cannot give yourself what you need. I on my part will do everything I can to help you rise as a king over yourself."

"What makes a good leader is great intelligence and attitude. If a state cannot give a person whst he needs to obtain those qualities, such a state doesn't deserve and never will have a great leader in charge of it."