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Goldinea's Statement on Derek Chauvin

I heard on the news this morning that Derek Chauvin, the police officer in Minneapolis who carried out the heinous killing of George Floyd, plans to plead not guilty to second-degree murder. This is an absolute disgrace. The nerve of this man to plead not guilty to a crime such as this is, quite frankly, unbelievable. I don't think that he can have a hope of being found anything other than guilty, and there is something wrong with the American justice system if the trial ends in a hung jury.

Derek Chauvin is nothing more than a murderer. He deserves no respect for the actions he carried out on that day. Kneeling on someone's neck for nearly eight minutes, whilst they repeatedly say "I can't breathe", is no way to punish someone for just carrying a counterfeit $20 bill. Therefore, the least that Goldinea can do is condemn his actions, as well as the actions of the Trump Administration, who have refused to act where it is sorely necessary.

People are protesting all over the world, and voicing their previously unheard opinions. To people who make the argument of "All lives matter", allow me to present to you this simple argument. If "save the whales" doesn't mean "forget about every other fish", then why should "black lives matter" mean "forget about everyone else"? Furthermore, if there was one house on fire in the street, you wouldn't douse every house with water. There's only one house on fire. Due to this, Goldinea and its citizens are keen to agree on the fact that black lives matter, and the fact that only when police brutality is a thing of the past can we move forward as a world society.