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Dali's Drag Race


You better werk, qween!

"As the original supermodel of NationStates, I've had all my coups come true. And now it's time for me to share the love. I'm looking for the West Pacific's Next Drag Superstar!"

Drag Race contestants must use their census ranking, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to impress Lady Anastasia and prove they are worthy of the title.

Fail to do so and you will trebuchet away.

Season 1 | Season 2

Season 1

Episode 1: All that Glitters is Gold

Winner: Amanda Flaughertmi

Safe: Lady lotta tension, Your imaginary drag queen, Li yugang, Dixie hasbro, SasPita, Ophelia Crutch two the Crutchening, Zamoland, Indigo feretti

Bottom: Abublehbleh, Drag race wym

Sashayed: Sparkly Raiders

Trebuched: Section Thirty-One, Ryccian representative

Episode 2: Death Becomes Her

Winner: Amanda Flaughertmi

Safe: Zamoland, Ophelia Crutch two the Crutchening, SasPita, Lady lotta tension, Li yugang

Bottom: Indigo feretti, Drag race wym

Sent Packing: Dixie hasbro

Trebuched: Abublehbleh, Your imaginary drag queen

Episode 3: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Winner: Zamoland

Safe: Amanda Flaughertmi, Ophelia Crutch two the Crutchening, Lady lotta tension

Bottom: SasPita

Untucked: Indigo feretti, Drag race wym

Trebuched: Li yugang

Episode 4: Old Hollywood Glamour

Winner: Amanda Flaughertmi

Safe: SasPita, Ophelia Crutch two the Crutchening

Trebuched: Zamoland, Lady lotta tension

Episode 5: Finale - Best Drag

Winner: Amanda Flaughertmi

Second Place: Ophelia Crutch two the Crutchening

Third Place: SasPita

Miss Congeniality: Lady lotta tension

Season 2

Episode 1: Red for Filth

Winner: Arlementia

Safe: Boobsie Coochie, Mei Lanfang, Glitterina, Fabulous Fuentana, Lotta Cleavage, Mademoiselle Myriade

Bottom: Crab King, Giodraggiland

Trebuched: Giodraggiland