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History of Anarchals

Anarchals has a history of war, revolution, and more, so here is an overview of its history. First of all, Anarchals is located in Bavaria, which is important later. In its earliest history, it was ruled by a tribe uniting Anarchalian lands. Eventually, the first non-tribe civilization was established there, Anavia. Anavia would survive for hundreds of years before collapsing into Navalsa, Cardena, and Arnavs. Arnavs, the biggest of the three, would unify them before losing the territories of Axison and many Victian countries, which would unify into the Federation of Victian Republics. A neighboring Austrian country called Memrya saw the instability of Arnavs and launched a full-force invasion against it. The invasion was successful, and a provisional government called Memeons was set up. Ironically enough, Memeons itself was unstable. A political activist called Alstead Valerium noticed how unjust Memeons was towards it Anarchalian majority, of which the leader himself was. Valerium teamed up with the son and overthrew Memeons, establishing Anarchals. Memeons still existed, but it was way smaller. and a puppet of Anarchals. Anarchals would proceed to turn Axison and the Federation of Victian Republics into puppets, all of which would be annexed by Anarchals. Anarchals has invaded Memrya and will soon turn it into a puppet, so be ready!